The Poet in Me

Here is an index of sorts of all my poetry I’ve posted here on my blog.


Books   : One of my most popular poems.

Breathing   : Free form about a cool stream.

Cathedrals of the Forest  : Rhyming. Those majestic trees of the forest.

Christmas Here  : Bouncy Christmas poem I used for the family holiday card.

Clothes Pins on a Wire  : A free form poem about tree swallows on a wire.

Crimson Red  : Free form bemoaning the pain of being a girl.

Crush  : List poem of the crushes in my life.

Desire & Romance  : A rhyming date poem.

Lady Autumn  : Lyrical, rhyming poem about the autumn.

Lyrical Nonsense  : Free form poem that is slightly list format from using Wordle.

Mullioned Windows : Free form poem about losing a part of myself in a relationship, then gaining it back.

Munching  : A rhyming eating poem.

Secret Retreat  A short free form poem.

Soaring Symphony  : A free form poem on the flight of tree swallows.

The Dance  : The magical quality of a dance. Picture Regency era. In rhyme.

Thoughts : Free form about thought.

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