It's just a little crush

C: Prince Charming; Cheshire Cat grin; first one, only one I still pine for.

E: Wore a green jacket; cocky; arrogant boy.

D: Next door neighbor; tall, basket ball; first older crush.

M: D’s younger brother; drummer; played football in highschool;bedroom eyes.

M: D and M’s other brother; very, very short-lived.

J: Lean and cocky, but oh so cute; chewed (which I didn’t like).

J: A man of the law.

D: Valedictorian; quarterback; wore the cutest glasses.

L: Logger; lean and dark; handsome, swoon worthy; easy smiles.

O: Part soul mate; good friend; a dream or wish.

L: logger; still crushing….



List poem of all my crushes. Didn’t list the names due to who knows who is reading this…. But I’m sure some of them could figure it out if they tried. A crush: well you know, to me that is not really me ever expecting it to go anywhere, but a dream, a wish, something that I see in them I love and would like for my own.


Signing off


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