2017’s 31 Days in October

Music is one of the biggest parts of my life since the time I was little and I was reaching out to play with the stereo knobs, much to my mother’s dismay. When I could finally play records, hoo boy.  My radio/stereo/boombox of the 90s was my friend. I live with music on whenever I can. I am going to attempt to take this year’s October and expound on my great love of music.


Introduction: My Musical Life in 31 Days

  1.  The Miles Spin Round And Round -Day 1
  2.  Musicals Are For Girls? – Day 2
  3.  Scoring Myself – Day 3
  4.  John Denver Ruled My Childhood – Day 4
  5.  All Because of Billie – Day 5
  6.  Music Videos Are More Fun Sometimes – Day 6
  7.  Celtic Isn’t No Irish Jig – Day 7
  8.  Favorite Songs Part 1 – Day 8
  9.  Don’t Judge My Pitbull – Day 9
  10.  Country Music Was Killed By ‘Bros’ As In Brocountry – Day 10
  11.  Spanish Tunes That Are Completely Americanized – Day 11
  12.  James Taylor Is One Of My Fall Jams – Day 12