25 Days of Christmas

25 Days of ChristmasThis is my own self imposed 25 days of something. This time it’s Christmas, for at least 2014. I did really well doing my 31 days of October so I kind of want my own prompt to keep myself blogging. I might take some of January off after this, but hey, the blogging is fun. So sit back and enjoy mostly Christmas themed things, though again, I will throw in non Christmas items as well. It is the Bookshelf after all.


December  1, 2014    Trees

December  2, 2014   Christmas Time Rewind A La Charlie Brown

December  3, 2014   Three French Hens

December  4, 2014  Christmas Stories

December  5, 2014 Eve and Noel – Flash Fiction

December  6, 2014 Saturday Inspires – December-y

December  7, 2014 Lanterns

December  8, 2014 Here We Come A-Caroling

December  9, 2014 The Castle Logoria – Part One

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