Illumination and Observation – Or Websites a Writer Finds Useful

Over at A Writer’s Path, Ryan has compiled a list of useful websites to help the writer. I urge you to check them out.  Writer’s Toolbox

Then below is my addendum to the ‘list’. It will continue to be updated over time.

General Resources and References


Names, Titles, and Locations, Etc.

  • Fantasy Name Generators   This link has everything. Place names (fantasy, mixed with real, inns, bars, lakes, mountains, castles…), Fantasy names, real names, constellations names (fake), mineral names (fake), and I could go on and on. This site is rather remarkable and you can spend so much time futzing.
  • Random Romance Novel Title Generator   Because honestly, coming up with a decent Romance Novel title is not as simple as it seems.
  • And for Westerns…. Random Western Novel Title Generator
  • The Ultimate Character Sheet.  This is a must for those that want a total character sketch. I highly recommend it. Not to mention, it’s really fun to fill out in regards to your character. (Quick note as I was stumped at first…….The Personal Questions section isn’t referring to you – it’s stuff about your character that isn’t as fun to do in first person. Like a birth certificate, almost. Stuff you’re going to have to refer to occasionally during the story. It was meant as a quick at-a-glance block of info on whichever character the worksheet was meant for.)
  • Treasury of Latin Prayers  If you are writing anything that needs a Latin prayer, well here you go. I haven’t searched through the whole thing, but wow, both translations, so you know what’s being said. For all those historical novels, this can be quite useful.



I know this will sound silly, but Pinterest and Tumblr are really helpful for period pieces.

For unique women’s clothing  DevilNight has a remarkable amount of cool clothing. Vintage, Victorian, Gothic, Retro, Wedding, Medieval….

While I wouldn’t recommend actually shopping here, these are some great places to get dress and clothing ideas.


Music and well, music….

When you are writing, sometimes you want music.  Or you need information on music. While it might sound crazy to say this, but Youtube is great for all kinds of music, ideas, and information.

And if you want to make or listen to personal and amazing playlists 8tracks is the best internet radio playlists.

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