2014’s 31 Days in October

31 Days of OctoberI’m doing a writing project for the month of October. 31 Days of Fun, Fanciful & Functional.  Basically it’s what I already post, but it’s a monthly/daily challenge. This is where all the posts will show up as a directory, other than my main page. So sit back, enjoy and have some fun.  I got the idea from Mrs. Austen who told me about Myquillyn Smith, author of The Nesting Place (I wrote a review) who is doing a 31 Days challenge.  So check it out. It starts October 1st!

  1.  Cruuunch!
  2.  War Games My Way
  3.  British Company Speaking – Flash Fiction
  4.  Saturday Inspires
  5.  Be A Pixie
  6.  Dystopian Vs. Dystopian
  7.  The Southern Foodie’s Guide to the Pig – A Review
  8.  My Current Obsessions
  9.  Starwood In Aspen
  10.  Outside the Box of Reading
  11.  Saturday Inspirations – Landscape Edition
  12.  Write What You Wish
  13.  Dreamy – A Weekly Photo Challenge Post
  14.  Harvest Time
  15.  Sam and Cat: Pancakes – Fiction
  16.  What’s Your Tune
  17.  The Soundtrack of My Life
  18.  Saturday Inspires – Bookshelves
  19.  All You Need Is… A Tiara?
  20.  The Non Reader & Me
  21.  Agent Simmons – S.H.I.E.L.D.   and a second post Love Letters From God: Bible Stories – A Review
  22.  Ed Sheeran & Ballroom
  23.  I Need A Drink – Flash Fiction
  24.  Where Do Your Thinks Come From
  25.  Saturday Inspires – Inspirational Memes
  26.  All Seemed Pale Beside Him
  27.  Masks Off – Gasp She’s A Girly Girl
  28.  I’m Not Going To Feel Guilty!
  29.  Autumn Leaves
  30.  Pumpkin Spice
  31.  Happy Halloween