Methods of Madness

Every writer has their own tools to get them through the writing process and here are mine.  Along with the writing tools, my bookshelf and anything else relating to the writing process are linked to the Methods.

My Royal De Luxe

The Royal De Luxe

Though I don’t type on this all the time, I have come up with some marvelous things with this darling typewriter.  I have a penchant for anything antique and ‘vintage’. I think a typewriter is pretty vintage. And poetry looks amazing typed up. Don’t believe me? Look at Tyler Knott Gregson‘s.

While I love my laptop, and I have written plenty on word programs, writing by hand is still my favorite way to write. To write, pens are needed. My favorite pens are fountain pens. I have, as you can see below, plenty.  But I really have started loving Pilot’s G-2 and EasyTouch pens.  The G-2’s are a very nice gel pen without the skipping. The EasyTouch is a really good ballpoint with a somewhat gel ink. I am also using Uni-ball Signo in various colors.

When it comes to writing poetry, I make a habit of using Bic mechanical pencils. I like the ability to erase if need be and I just feel really like the feel of the pencils. It’s a very smooth lead, so makes writing a cinch.

What pen would be complete without a notebook.  I want to collect notebooks, but I try to keep myself in check.  Composition books seem to be the favorite, being used for journals and various other writing projects. I tend to not fill them up, but I want to collect new composition books.  I also love flip style notepads and college ruled notebooks. I want something I can flip through rapidly when brainstorming takes place.


Other necessities of writing include fountain pen ink. I have several bottles now, my newest being  Levenger’s Empyrean, a gorgeous blue black ink that is  better than Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts. I love mixing up my inks depending on my mood.

I also need music. Not always playing, but songs and music inspire me. And I also use Haikubes for inspiration with poetry. Rarely are they used for haikus though.


My writing would be incomplete without books, books and more books. My Martha Stewart Living’s are design and food inspiration; my Emilie Loring’s and Janet Dailey’s are romance inspiration.

The five most used books for writing are Roget’s Thesaurus, A Treasury of Year Round Poems, Webster’s Thesaurus, The Complete Rhyming Dictionary, and PoemCrazy.  I could not function without these.

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