Cathedrals of the Forest

Felt like it was high time I post something light. I wanted something that reflected the feeling you get when listening to “Night Ride Across the Caucuses” by Loreena McKennitt and the part that says “in cathedrals of the forest. So this is what i came up with.

Pillars so long kept
In forests so swept
Cathedrals placed just so
Calling for us to know
Years passing by
Whispering with a sigh
Guarding, standing strong
Always there for long
Canopies of restless green
Blue between brown is seen
Sturdy, steady never changing
Other than graceful aging
Guardians of primevil world
Everything as it should
Neath the boughs lays a bower
For every delicate flower
Violet, pansy, daisy
Graceful, laughing, lazy
Sweetly sheltered from rain
Hidden kept from pain.


So just short.

 Signing off


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