Desire & Romance

Candles burning

Desire and Romance

The candles lit, the mood was set,
Went to creating a perfect duet.

In goblet glass some crimson wine,
The mood Inspired to intertwine.

Soft music floated in all around,
Designed to be a soothing sound.

A kiss upon her neck he placed,
Savoring her delightful taste.

A sultry look he gave to her,
His knowing eyes certain and sure.

His fingers caught a golden curl,
Her skin shown like a perfect pearl.

He pulled her close against his side,
His fingers were an expert guide.

Cupping his hand along her neck,
Keeping his emotions in check.

Her beauty and elegant grace,
Kept him from rushing the embrace.

Fingers trailing along her skin,
Her thoughts and mind began to spin.

Delight in the slightest touch,
Sometimes it felt too much.

She sighed as he kissed her again,
Wishing his lips would remain.

He set her back away from him,
Giving her a smile much too grim.

He could not resist her caress,
His desire he had to suppress.

Sighing he pulled her to his side,
His craving of her to be denied.

So the music played on and on,
Till she gave a subtle soft yawn.

A kiss upon her nose he pressed,
Then to home to her he stressed.

He left her on her front porch lit,
One last kiss she did permit.

He strolled away and gave a wave
Knowing her kisses he would crave.

Until she was in his arms,
Yearn would he for her simple charms.

The stars winked in understanding,
And he felt his heart expanding.


This actually came about when I was imagining what it would be like to go on a date with someone I am not the slightest bit interested in. And it’s a guarantee that it would not go this way at all. It was actually strange to even associate this person with this much romance, because it wouldn’t exist. Anyways, hope you all enjoy.  It was fun to write.  The picture is courtesy of

Signing off


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