Lyrical Nonsense

light just still winter want
                country talking see strange Agony
smoke dark lights rotate
                magical well seeing may hear
figure talking days
                kind move crush small D’s
someone talking darkness go
                figure power guy rising Sea
weightless Relief coping freak
                like reading hill Signing air
lights oh trailer rotate grew
                know post never across
Adam’s freak pad nothing oh
                red analyze stargazing write door
colors fist cutest tend ribbons
                hear creepy hill glasses
torture Gripping crap nothing
                whole frayed talking days
go anywhere power figure
                times just still lean
However drummer bright wish
                voicing dream off

I know, this makes absolutely no sense at all.  Doesn’t have to. I took the words from the previous post, Word Cloud, and just started randomly typing them up into a poem. Whether it is a list poem or just free form nonsense, sometimes it’s kind of freeing.

I find that there is a weird lyrical sense to it though.  Just grabbing words that catch my fancy in an order and typing them up.  Read it any way you want.  There is no set thing. Just having a bit of fun at two in the morning.


Signing off



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