The Dance

waltzingA rustle of silk
Flashes of gold
Glittering jewels
Nothing that’s old.

Sleek crimson hair
Flashing green eyes
Dignified grace
A whisper of sighs.

The colliding of gowns
She stands alone
Waiting for him
To take what is known.

A bowing of black
Gliding of fingers
Enclosing her in
Touches that linger.

First strains of a waltz
He spins her around
Breaths spinning out
With the slightest of sounds.

Whirling and twirling
As if out in space
Moments like splinters
A shattering pace.

Rising and falling
With beauty and charm
Holding and grasping
Floating on arm.

The song comes to end
She’s gasping for air
Kissing her neck
He is without care.

Hands clasped to leave
Her eyes are alight
The evening has been
A wonderful delight.

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