Mullioned Windows

Time Spent Outdoors by BuddaRocks

Criss-cross patterns on my heart

Slashes that once were you

These mullioned windows to the soul

Pieces of me you see

All me but parts you don’t own

You thought you once did

I let you hold me tight

I gave up my right to be me

You took and took and stole

Years and time from my life

Leaving me wondering why

I’d ever wanted you with me

But here I am now

Stronger and bolder and true

Living what I need to be


I’m not even sure this all makes sense.  A metaphor most definitely.  I’ve been in relationships where I lost myself because I was so much the relationship.  I stopped writing.  I stopped imagining.  I stopped my whole life for these other people.  Now I  know I can’t and won’t do that.

Signing off


©2011 by Kate’s Bookshelf and Katie Lyn Branson. All rights reserved.

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