Lady Autumn

Lady Autumn

Scent of the pines
Floating on a breeze    Stars dotting the sky
Dreaming with ease

A whisper of scent
Drifts up from the path
October Roses
Bloom their last breath

Owls hooting softly
At the golden moon
Beams dance on water
It’s as bright as noon

Nothing but shadows
A murmur of sighs
One chirping cricket
Hidden from eyes

A ripple of water
A splash in the brook
Gurgling and bubbling
Where no one will look

A droplet of dew
Clings to a grass blade
Glittering brightly
As light starts to fade

The breeze shifts to cold
From the north it comes
Biting and freezing
As summer succumbs

The rose drops her bloom
The owls tuck in tight
The cricket stops chirping
 At the cold night

The dew turns to frost
As Jack comes around
Painting with silver
In silence of sound

The world turns to browns
As green starts to fade
Oranges turn red
On oaks in a glade

So ends good Autumn
She pulls close her cloak
Bowing to Winter
She fades like wood smoke


I know this is an autumn poem, but I’ve been wanting to post it for a while. I actually just finished it tonight.  It all started with the first line courtesy of Michael Buble’s song “Feeling Good”.  One little line in there caught my attention.  And here is the result.

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Signing off


5 thoughts on “Lady Autumn

    • I am constantly working on poetry, though it isn’t a main thing. However, I do hope to post more soon. For now, just the page with all my poetry combined is what I have. 🙂 Soon, I hope to have more. And thank you so much for your kind words. I happen to love Lady Autumn quite a bit.

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