PAD Day 19 – Cool/Uncool – Elvis Costello is His Icon

Elvis Costello is His Icon

He’s a bit uncool with his hair
falling over his black glasses
thick glasses floppy hair
shaggy and mussed and wavy.
He’s a bit of a nerd but
in a way he’s not.
He quotes things no guy
should ever know and read
but long ago it was the thing
Elvis Costello in jacket and jeans
with cummings in his back pocket.

I have a character I’ve styled after a nerdish Elvis Costello, kind of like he’s crossed with Zachary Levi from Chuck. And I picture him reading e.e. cummings or Dylan Thomas or something edgy. But he’s cool in an uncool way. And young Elvis Costello is really pretty much what I have pictured. And I might add that an older Costello is kind of sexy too….

April Cool

April means warmer weather
as the snow decides to settle
onto mountain tops one day
as I’m in shorts two days later
Up and down, the cold is here
then gone and summer sun shines
It’s a mixed up world in April
A bit of an uncool vibe.

The darn weather can’t make up its mind. Two weeks ago I was in shorts considering suntanning, then the next week I was in layers, bundled up because it was raining and snowing. Now we are back to more summery weather. It’s an odd year.


Chuck Says Goodbye

For those of you who followed NBC’s Chuck for the last five years, this is for you.  It’s been a great run, and I’m sad to see it go after rooting for Mr. Chuck Bartowskifor five years.  Pardon, Charles Carmichael.

Chuck Bartowski

Image via Wikipedia

From gaining the Intersect, to loosing it, to getting a newer version, to loosing it, to Morgan, to Sarah, and finally back to Chuck, it’s been a blast.

I shall miss all the people of the Buy More.  Jeffster, you guys rock.

With a finale that left us with hope for the two lovebirds, and maybe just a smidge of a possibility that Chuck may someday return, we can all be happy with the way it ended.

To add a slight silly note, though, Zachary Levi, if you ever read the fan blogs…, I’m available, and  I am a Christian, along your lines…. 🙂  Okay, maybe that is wishful thinking.  Hey, a girl can dream, right?

So, thanks to Zachary, Yvonne, Adam, Joshua, Ryan, Sarah, Mark, Vik, Scott,  and Bonita.  You guys made a wonderful cast, and memorable characters.  We shall miss you all.

Signing off