Word of the Day – Arch

Seven_of_nineShe arched a brow. His brow arched in question.  Arched, as in, brow raise in question, disbelief, sarcasm… or whatever other reason you would arch a brow. I don’t know, just ask Seven of Nine. She did it all the time!  I use arched now instead of cocked because my dictionary doesn’t recognize ‘cocked’ as being a word. Go figure, because something can be cock-eyed, but not a brow. So now I use arched. And when I say I use it…. I mean ALL. THE. TIME.  I probably go overboard, but since I can do it so well with my left brow, I figure every one of my characters should.



noun \ˈärch\

: a usually curved part of a structure that is over an opening and that supports a wall or other weight above the opening

: the raised area on the bottom of the foot that is formed by a curved section of bones

: something that has a curved shape

Full Definition of ARCH

:  a typically curved structural member spanning an opening and serving as a support (as for the wall or other weight above the opening)

a :  something resembling an arch in form or function; especially :  either of two vaulted portions of the bony structure of the foot that impart elasticity to it

 b :  a curvature having the form of an arch
3:  archway
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The Kobayashi Maru

Star Trek TOS logo

Image via Wikipedia

I love when I find out about something that is very unique and kind of cool in the nerdy sense.  I was watching Suits a few weeks ago and Harvey, the gorgeous lawyer, was telling his protégé how to win a case using Kobayashi Maru.  It is from Star Trek, and oh, by the way, Captain Kirk is The Man, according to Harvey.

Well, I didn’t really get quite what this thing was, but I thought it interesting.  Just a few days ago, The Wrath of Khan was playing. Now, I’ve never been much of an older Star Trek fan.  I did go through The Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager.  So, I’ve done my fair share of Trekkie things.  But I’m not one much for the films.  However, I was just sort of watching it, and low and behold, the Kobayashi Maru was mentioned.  How cool is that! 

So, I of course had to finish out the film just to hear more about it.  Since I missed most of the beginning, I still didn’t know much about it, thank you Wikipedia for filling me in.

I love watching shows and movies that throw in pop culture.  It makes people seem more real and you can connect to them.  Suits seems to bring in a fair amount of it, what with a hilarious rendition from Harvey of “ADRIENE!”, and then another episode that mentions Terminator. 

It kind of makes everything feel more real.

Now, personally, I think the term Kobayashi Maru is brilliant.  I’m sick and tired of the statement, “thinking outside the box”.  I think maybe I should just start saying  “do a Kobayashi Maru”, when I mean to think outside the box.  It’s very nerdy retro-ish.  If that makes any sense at all.

Well, I’m just glad I know what it means, and now, I kind of want to see the other Captain Kirk films.  (I kind of think Captain Kirk is the man as well)

Signing off


The Luxery of Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

So there I was, hanging laundry late yesterday afternoon.  Up in the sky was the moon.  And as laundry always leads to me daydreaming…. The thought I happened upon was how easy it must be to be a writer of science fiction and fantasy.


Well, as a writer of those genres, you don’t have to be accurate with any kind of facts.  How does this relate to the moon?  Well I’ll tell you.

Yeah, see, that's a bit in the large department

Have you ever watched a sci-fi show or movie where there is this planet with something like three moons, and those moons are not little blips in the sky like ours, but actually take up a fair amount of open space?  Or the ones where the people are on the moon and the whole planet takes up half the sky?  I’m sure you know what I mean.  You watch any Star Trek, Stargate, etc. show, and at some point or another, you are going to see this gigantic moon taking up half the sky.

It actually looks really cool. Very artistic in style.  I’m sure it’s a blast to write.

Did you know that scientifically that is not possible?  I posed the question of these giant moons to my astronomy club a while back.  I had a theory and I just wanted to check to make sure my theory was correct. 

I was.

Oh this one is even better

And then say you were living on a moon that was near a giant planet.  Okay, well see we actually have proof of that.  Anyone ever heard of Io?  You know, Jupiter’s moon?  It is in constant activity. Volcanos, earthquakes, and whatnot.  No, really, it does that.  The other moons of Jupiter aren’t much better.

Image of Io taken by the Galileo spacecraft

Io (Image via Wikipedia)


In all reality, this giant moon thing is impossible.  Do you know what the earth would look like with a moon the size of, hmm, I’m thinking……Okay, a moon that took up half the sky in size?  Trust me, these earthquakes and volcanos that we’ve had recently would be a piece of cake.

See, so that is why I say to be a sci-fi or fantasy writer is easy. Has to be.  You. Can. Make. It. All. Up.

You don’t have to have facts.  Gah, must be nice.  And I do apologize to every other writer out there who writes in those genres. I’m not totally criticizing you.  Because, you see, I’ve contemplated writing science fiction and fantasy.  I actually do have some things started in those genres.  And they are actually easier to write.  Go figure.

Well, there’s my rant for the day.

Signing off