A Fresh New Year

As a new snow fell on the old year, it was like a sign of a fresh beginning.  A snow so pure and white.  A snow so perfect with every six-sided snowflake in perfect form.  The sky to the west became pinker as more and more snow fell, the silence breathtaking.

Then, as the old year ran out, and a new beginning started, the sky was lit up with glorious fireworks in honor and celebration of a man known to my small town.  A man who passed away on the 20th of December, the day we had a full eclipse on the winter solstice.  Well known by all who lived here, it was a sad day for many when Rusty passed  on.

But the sky was filled with shatteringly beautiful sparks of green and red, blue and gold, silver and yellow.  On and on they went, celebrating a life.  A life that was taken from this world all too soon.

I think that with the snow, and the celebration, this was a spectacular start to a new year.  I may not make much ado about the whole starting fresh, but what could be more obvious than such signs as was played out tonight in my little town in Northern California.  We are all starting fresh, and onward we go into a brand new year.  Full of hope and promises.  Wishes and dreams.

I wish every one the best of all to come.   Happy New Year!

Signing off



Christmas Here

A sprig of holly,Christmas Mistletoe
A snowflake one,
Lots of cheer for everyone.

Popcorn balls, Cranberry strings,
Silver bells that ring, ring, ring.

Snow falling,
Softly now,
Colored lights upon the bow.

Frosted windows,
Pumpkin spice,
Glistening, sparkling, crystal ice.

Carols sung,
Soft and sweet,
Families to hug and greet.

Songs of joy,
Peace for all,
Christmas here, let’s deck the hall.

Kiss me now,
Under mistletoe,
Spread the joy to all we know.