A Touch of Ruin – Book Review

So, I reviewed the first of a trilogy (?) of a Hades and Persephone retelling, A Touch of Darkness. Just this last week, the sequel dropped and I had it read in a few days. I thought I would take the time to review both of the books to support the author, Scarlett St. Clair. I think newer writers can use all the help we loyal supporters can give them.

A Touch of Ruin by Scarlett St. Clair takes place a few months after A Touch of Darkness. Persephone and Hades are officially public, though all still think Persephone is a mortal. Except for her best friend, Lexa who knows the truth ( who gets a whole story within this book as well).  Persephone is still dealing with the pressure of her mother’s displeasure of being with Hades, her boss is requiring an exclusive story on her and Hades relationship, and now she just found out, her friend Sybil, an oracle of Apollo’s, has lost all her power since she won’t sleep with Apollo. Justice warrior Persephone to the rescue!

Everything is going wrong. Hades past is catching up to him, and Persephone is still dealing with her feelings on trust and love. Her powers are manifesting in ways she can’t control, and all the general stress of life and being in the public has gotten to Persephone in ways that are not helping matters.

Basically, everything is going wrong. By the way, this is classic sequel territory. You have the set up in the first book, the fall down in the second, and redemption comes in the third book. You start to see some redemption by the last quarter of A Touch of Ruin. But this is long after you’ve wanted to shake the dickens out of Persephone. How could she be so stupid? Answer? Because we all do stupid things when we are insecure, unsure, and afraid. (Perse, I’ve been there). But redemption is sweet. While Hades isn’t the best communicator of all times, : insert dark and brooding types never are : he desperately loves Persephone and he really is trying. There are even current social issues of death. I won’t say more as it will spoil.

This book still left me with certain questions, like how in the first one, Hades uses his powers of invisibility to ‘spy’ on Persephone, but you are left wondering if he really was. And if other gods can bestow favors, why can’t Persephone?  And while I love how Scarlett inserted one of the myths of Pirithous, I found it slightly rushed towards the end and I was hoping Persephone was a tad bit stronger. Just a tad. But hey, I’m a writer, I will always want to put my spin on a perfectly lovely story.

This book tends to focus a lot on sex, and as a good sex scenes type book, this hits the nail. We’ve all read our erotic fiction, this one is pretty darn good for that.

I love how we get tastes of other gods in this one. Apollo (I actually love his character), Hermes, Hecate, Aphrodite, and even Helen of Troy are brought in. Hermes and Hecate are truly great supporting characters. Well written and fun and full of depth, they are just the perfect ensemble cast for Persephone.

This book, while not the level of flair as A Touch of Darkness, is still really enjoyable and makes me anxious for book number three. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars, but then, most sequels hit this way.

If, like I said in A Touch of Darkness review, you are looking for a fun retelling of the classic myth, then check out books one and two. I can’t wait for number three!

I’m kind of hoping Ms. St. Clair tackles other myths over time. I can see her going to town on so many.


Sex is Food is Life – Poem

Chefs say food is sexy;
maybe they mean sex on a plate.
Each drizzle of sauce; a finger wipes up a loose drop.
The Mayans
or was it the Aztecs?
believed blood was their life force,
the Romans, water, wine, and God.
I am nothing more than art deco in the wrong time
except for the cigarette in my mouth
the one I don’t smoke but have sampled
from the one you took a drag on, the taste still warm.
I crave oysters, but I can’t eat them.
Filling my body with a poison, I vomit the sea,
the life force, emptied from my body
never more shall I taste it.
Water cures all your ails.
Cry, sweat, or go to the sea.
I say, it’s not just water, but salt water.
I dream of food, never tasting.
I don’t mean I wish to eat,
I dream, fantastical things where food is the bite,
the taste of bon amis.
I sink my teeth into a problem and bite down.
I don’t taste my creations but for the finger
swirled on a plate to catch a last drop.
My sex life is the same.

Positive Feedback, Springtime, and Being a Woman

So just the other day I found out that my grandfather read one of my stories here and told Mr. B that he liked it. While I know my grandmother reads some of my things occasionally, it surprised me to find out my grandpa did as well. Pleasantly surprising though. I mean, half or most of the time my parents don’t read what I write, for which I am partly glad. They know enough about me, they don’t need to know some of my other aspects. As it was, Mr. B wanted to know what I had written about so I was explaining some of the last pieces of flash fiction I had written, and he was making faces. Well, I had to explain that Under the Clock Tower gets interesting.  I’ll have to type it up so y’all can see.

So, no, I don’t always tell my parents what I write. Mel did mention, since she gave me the suggestion for how to continue the Clock Tower, that they (the writing group) was corrupting me. To which I replied, “Don’t worry, I’m already corrupted. You should see some of the stuff I’ve written that I share online only under an alias.” She burst out laughing, especially when I took her suggestion about the story.  Oh, being a writer means I have too much going on in my head, and half of it is not what I would call ‘nice’. It’s wicked, it’s bad, gruesome, disturbing, sexy, sexual, violent, and various other not nice things.  Hey, have you ever read of nice villains?

Well anyways, it was nice to get feedback from my grandpa. Then that same morning, a woman I know here said she loved reading my work. She reads it every morning before work while she drinks her coffee.  Wow. Thank you.  I know the ladies occasionally read my work since I post it on Facebook for friends to see, and I always get marvelous feedback from Mel, but out of the blue feedback is rather a gooey feeling.  Okay, honestly, positive feedback gives me a gooey feeling in general. Mrs. Austen always makes me smile when she posts something.

So, feedback = Nice

Then with it being springtime, there is so much inspiration going on. Oh my gosh. All the flowers and smells and birds and green things growing. It brings out a happier me. A more inspired me than winter. I have slipped out of my ‘burned out’ feeling. Thank goodness. And I have moved on to being more inspired.  I think PAD has given me a boost to write all kinds of things, not just sticking with stories and flash fiction.  I have had a lot of inspiration, even if I might groan at the prompt. Like yesterday’s haiku day. But even that turned out good.

Then the being a woman.  As Mel said after we were all gushing over the Outlander novels and Outlander the show, and Jamie, that we are women and the ‘sap’ is rising.  one thing said was  how the sex is really good in Outlander…. and the show. Really good on the show, people. Really good. And it’s really well written in the books. Not super erotic graphic, but just enough that you, or I, keep going back and rereading it. It’s that good.  I had talked to a woman the other day who had mentioned that she read the first three books and thought they were too steamy.  My inner thought was, hell yes, and thank goodness!  That’s one of the things that makes them so ridiculously good. And I don’t even feel it’s a guilty pleasure. It’s just a good read. Hey, I’m a sucker for romance novels, be it clean or a bit naughty…. or in some cases, really naughty.

Ah, springtime. Romance, love, sex and all things fertile start flowing. There must be something about it that we don’t even realize that we mimic nature.  So I have to say that yeah, spring comes along and anything girly and feminine is on my mind. And romance.  Lots of romance. And roses, and Hallmark movies.  I did my 31 days of femininity in October, but honestly, I probably should have done it now.  Lol.  I have stacks of romance books I want to read, or write. Heck, I am writing romance. I don’t share the romance with anyone because it’s terrible. Okay, it’s probably not that bad, but it has a lot of half starts. I’m still working on a story I started a month or so ago, and it’s actually turning out okay. I want to have one of my ladies read it when I’m done and get some feedback on my romance style.

So, there’s a ridiculously personal update. How is spring treating everyone else?


Loveology – Book Review

Loveology – God. Love. Marriage. Sex. And the Never-Ending Story of Male and Female By John Mark Comer

Let me start off by saying, any book that has a grey cover with bright pink writing, and the words, love, sex, marriage, and God, is going to catch my attention.  Not to mention pink font inside, bright pink bubbles and just an all around really girly pretty book.  The cover alone makes me want to ‘swoon’ a bit it’s so nice.

Loveology is the theology of love by the pastor of Portland’s A Jesus Church -Bridgetown.  It’s relatively basic biblical theology on the relationships we have with our partner/lover/spouse written in a very comfortable easy, and almost watered down manner.  With background on the original Greek translations, in John Mark Comer’s style (if you ever listen to any of his sermons, you will understand what I mean). Five chapters on Love, Marriage, Sex, Romance, and Male and Female, including a Q and A section, the book is a fast read geared towards young marrieds, singles and dating couples.

Okay, now the gushing will ensue.  I LOVED/LOVE this book.  When I got it after waiting almost three weeks, I just could not put it down because it was so pretty. I mean, this guy, really knew how to appeal to women. This book is just marvelous to hold and run your hand over. It is a really nice size to slip in a bag and you just want to keep reading it.  John Mark Comer is brilliant in getting a more conservative Christian theology across. Without sounding preachy, he really gets you laughing at some of the funnier aspects of love. That being said, you are a Christian and you don’t already know this, then this book won’t help.  It’s a fun thing to read if you already know the theology, but you should already know it if you are reading this. But that’s my own take.

I enjoyed the book immensely, but that being said, I don’t always agree with the ‘watered-down’ take on the bible.  I find John Mark Comer has a great sense of humor and makes you want to read more, but it’s almost incredibly basic.  Maybe it’s because I was raised in a Conservative Baptist church, but this is much more moderate in style.  But on a scale of one to five, I’d give this a five star rating.

This book was provided to me through Harper Collins  for my honest review.

Signing off


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Cheeseburger Hunger

We made love in your big bed

All sprawled skin warm and entwined

And afterwards my head pillowed on your chest

I said I was starving

You laughed at me but grabbed your pants

I wore one of your loose shirts belted

Around my waist and kitten heels

You said I looked like a sexpot

I liked that and wanted to put up my hair

Like Bridget Bardo, but

You tugged me towards the door

We went to an all-night burger joint

Ordering juicy cheeseburgers, fries and

Frosty chocolate milkshakes

We laughed and munched slaking our hunger

You wiped a smear of ketchup off my lip

And when I licked it from your finger

Your eyes darkened with renewed hunger for something

Other than your burger and fries

I grinned at you but you knew

Knew that I still wanted you again

Our appetite for food was gone

I gave you a look

Suddenly our teasing game was done

You balled up the wrappers and paper napkins

Tossing them in the nearest trash can

Your keys were in the ignition

Before I could think or argue

Not that I wanted to

No, I wanted you just as much as before

And the car door slammed, your fingers

Gripping my hand as you flung open

The front door, barely making it

To your bed before a new hunger

Rose up to take the place of the need for food

The desire was now for skin and touch, lips and arms

And everything that was before.


 Okay, I was really in a mood last night and for some reason the thought of being hungry after being with someone struck me as ‘I HAVE TO WRITE THIS’.  So I did. 

Cheeseburgers were the focus after hearing about a barbecue-bacon-blue cheese burger with beer battered curly fries on an episode of Eureka and  a few days of not eating much more than toast, so I was hungry.  And yes, I had someone in mind when I wrote it, but I do hope you all enjoy.  Incredibly free verse here, and a bit more adult, but I had fun.  I suppose I could tweak it till forever, but other than a few line changes, some spelling corrections and a few other things, I like it. So I think I’ll keep it the way it is.  Course now I have to re-copy it down on paper since it does not match what I scribbled in my journal last night.

 Signing off


The Disgusting Aspect of Some Men

I’m going to go on a rant for this post.  However, I think it is something that is good to rant about , and hopefully you all will agree with me.  Oh, and as it delves into the subject of men, let me give this disclaimer.


I happen to love men, so this is nothing personal against any man in particular. Just the scumbags out there.

In light of current events, and please, I hope everyone knows about these, I feel I must speak out.

Men who feel the need to force a woman to have sex are despicable human beings.  Take the IMF french dude.  You know that guy.  The one they caught after almost leaving the country.  After raping a hotel maid, among many other things.  That guy.

That is truly disgusting, and in my own personal opinion, death is too good for those horrible people.  I think, and guys whom I like please don’t cringe too much, that the only way to deal with a situation like that is to cut it all off.  You know what I mean by it.  There is nothing that would mean quite so much.

I cannot imagine being in a situation where you are raped.  I can’t imagine how horrible it must be.  For those girls whom have had their lives shattered by a person who enjoyed doing that.  Because, if you read the news, this isn’t new for Mr. IMF.  He’s done it before.

To have that much evil in you.  To be that cruel and horrific to a woman is beyond anything decent.  It is at the very bottom of the cesspool of human decency.  It is despicable.

And then, you have the lovely Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Affairs and children of those affairs behind his wife’s back.  Acting like it never happened for years.  Finally telling his wife after leaving office.  Holding an official title and being such a low down dirty scumbag.  It goes beyond the pale of anything.

It’s just wrong.  Any guy that cheats on his wife is a worthless rotten human being.  Cheating happens all the time. I know.  And I know women cheat on their husbands just as much.  I get it.  I find it horrible as well.  Cheating of any kind is despicable.

What I’m really talking about is the whole picture.  A governor acting no better than scum.  We should be holding our officials to a higher standard.  You too Mr. IMF  (I’m calling him that because I’m too lazy to go search his french name)  You were an official and you let that power go to your… well, not to your head….  Somewhere much lower.

It’s disgusting.  There truly needs to be harsher punishment for these types of , well they are not people.  People do not act like the vilest forms of life.  They have decency.  And Honor, and morals.  Kindness and caring.

These two men in particular do not have any of those things.  And there are so many more of those type out there.  There are so many women who have been abused and degraded. It’s wrong.  Though I may not understand it, I can sympathize and I can understand how it could shatter you.  I hope that as time progresses, harsher punishment is dealt to these awful people.

And thankfully there are good people out there that help these women pick up the pieces.

Signing off