October 24th – Write 31 Days – Gorgeous Grape Vines

grape-vinesThe grapes actually changed this year. Massive amounts of burgundy and red browns. I went on a leaf pressing binge after I saw all of the gorgeous color. I love how they trail along the fence lines and twist and color things up. The color of all things this year has been especially lovely. And some of it hasn’t even changed much. It’s  a strange year. But I thought a little color was in order since we are getting another storm.


October 19 – Write 31 Days – Strawberry Red

strawberry-redNo, it’s not what you think. While we are still getting fresh strawberries ( I know, in October how can that be?!!!) what I’m talking about with Strawberry Red is the leaves. The leaves on the strawberry plants turn lovely shades of red this time of year. It looks like Christmas in the patch. I love the colors and it actually makes me hungry just looking at it. It’s so cheery.


That Girl In The Red Cape

A fairy tale updated.

Red, Red Riding Hood, Valerie.  There are many incarnations of the classic fairy tale by the Charles Perrault, then later by the Brothers Grimm.  Erotic, funny, clean, not clean, classic, there are so many versions it’s hard to keep them straight.  Some have just a wolf, others a werewolf, and then in the case of ABC’s Once Upon A Time, the wolf is Red.  How that actually works, I have no idea.  Does she talk to herself?

And I digress.  The story of Red Riding Hood is a classic.  My father told it

The more traditional.

to me and my sister, complete with stuffed three headed doll to make the tale more real.  We have pictures when we were scared out of our wits when the Wolf came along.

And yet, despite the scary aspect of the story, I love it.  I have read many versions of the story, some just downright idiotic, while others, well, lets just say I don’t tell anyone I read them.  (everyone needs secrets) I’ve even seen a couple films regarding Red.  The more insane one being where she and her family are werewolf hunters.

My most recent foray into that world was watching the current film Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfreid.  It is a dark, sexy, and a bit pagan version of the tale. Various aspects of it reminded me of The 13th Warrior, which I could never fully watch due to the gross factor.  Then there was the Twilight-y aspect that was a bit ridiculous, especially casting Billy Burke as Valerie’s (Red) father.  I blame that all on the producer who was the same as Twilight.  But, all of that aside, I actually enjoyed the film.  I like fairy tales.  I like a more adult version of fairy tales.  (Heck, I like adult forms, but let’s not tell anyone that)  There is something kind of cool about reading, or watching something from your childhood get an update.

The sexier updated version. (Meghan Ory)

It’s why I still read various stories about Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, Snow White, and other such things, with a more adult twist.  They are classic stories, and a lot can be done with them.

Perrault and The Grimms knew what they were doing.  They’ve kept us going on wanting the fairy tale.  Even though we are all grown up now.

On a side note, I suggest  anyone interested in the whole historical aspect of Little Red Riding Hood should go read the Wikipedia article on it HERE.  It’s quite informative about all the history and symbolization of the story.

Signing off


Post Valentine’s Day

Okay, I never do much for Valentine’s Day.  Usually it’s just not something I ‘get into’, but I love all the red, pink, hearts, girly, feminine, fun of Valentine’s Day.  It’s just so so so, girly. 

This year, I folded a few origami hearts with a secret spot for a message.  Sent it off to a couple of friends, mostly because I just loved making it, and thought they would like it.  You can see the wonderful post here, and directions for this sweet little heart.

DIY Origami Heart Love Note  by Amy Moss

I’m forever hunting anything origami related, and hearts are always fun.  Find some good scrapbook paper in reds and pinks, and you can have a blast.

 Well, I just blame Valentine’s on a chance to enjoy anything girly.  It makes me think  of anything pink.


Signing off


Crimson Red

Razor thread slicing

Acid drops of pain


Like poisonous pearls


Quicksilver dagger





Agony of Crimson red

The thundering

Pounding pulse



Slashing frayed ribbons

Ribbons of frayed torment

Lashing a whip of steel knives

Cold iron burning away


Squeezing fist of torture

Gripping in burning talons

Slicing sinew

Raw and bleeding


Throb of every vein

Wave of agony

Tide rising

Sea of misery


Drift away

Float into nothingness

Lifted up to weightless



I’m sure to most, this sounds violent. In some ways it could be considered that, but it’s nothing more than a woman voicing a pain that happens frequently. I am aiming this at women and girls, for if you go through it, without explanation, you know what I am talking about.

This has been in my mind for a while now, one of my coping mechanisms when I feel like crap.  When the heating pad just won’t work, or when the fetal position is all I can stand to be in.  If it helps, then I’m glad. 

Any guys reading this…. You may want to move onto another post.


Signing off