Social Aspect of Talking To My Fictional Character – Writing 101 Day 5

Does talking to yourself in the voice of your fictional character count as being social?
Sometimes I get stuck inside my head and I don’t come out for days (Source: lovel-ylesbian)
So for Day 5’s assignment: hook ’em with a quote…… I had to use two because they fit together so perfectly.  I found my quotes on my Tumblr because I went through a thing where I posted all the quotes I liked in the month of February or March.  If you go here Daydream Writer’s Quotes you can see what I mean. There are a ton of great quotes there. Trust me.
So, is it really being social if you are talking to your characters?  Does it count if you are hearing several voices and listening in to their conversation?  I suppose it could be, if you are a slightly insane person, but at the same time, honestly, I’m not lonely that often. Oh sure, I would like to talk to people my age more often, and in person.  I would love to have a normal conversation with a real voice that isn’t some incarnation of my own. Again, that sounds really weird.
And I can get stuck in my head for days. Writing as I call it, but I’m sure others would just say it’s that daydreaming I’m known for. Can I help it if I find my characters vastly entertaining and interesting?  They rarely talk back and I kind of know them inside and out. It’s a strange feeling to know you get along with your own mind better than real people.  But it’s not that I would call myself an introvert. In fact, I think I’m much more of an extrovert. I love to be around people and I get a ton of inspiration from people. Sure, I can get stuck in my own head, but I find that also rather unhealthy too. I start over analyzing things if I am in my head.
I think writers are naturally in their own heads a lot of the time. How could they not be? They are forever creating and if we leave the confines of our mind, how do we create a world? It takes a lot of planning to create something from nothing.  I have actually sat there months after creating a character realizing that oops, that will not work if I want something else to happen.  I just did that the other day. I was trying to finagle one circumstance and it would not fit in my timeline. SO now I’m fudging one thing one way and ‘deleting’ another. I’m still not sure what I want to happen. And I’m terrible about writing it down, so it get’s filed in my brain under another folder.  I like to picture my brain like a library.  Something new goes into a different section.  I think Sherlock Holmes pictures his brain a certain way.  I vaguely remember it with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock.
But I do feel very kindly to my characters. And some of them are rather adorable and feel like a best friend.  We go for coffee and chat………   😛

Someone Amazing – Day No. 24

11048745_909527932422339_4813715533564715054_nThis isn’t to say I’m amazing. While I have my finer points, I still have a long way to go. But just remember, you are amazing too. You who is reading this, and wow, you showed up. 🙂

Hope you have had a great Saturday, writing away. I wasn’t writing. I wanted to write, but with regular things taking up time, I will have to write tomorrow.  Thank goodness I planned for one quote a week. A chance to ‘cheat’ with this writing thing.  Everyone needs a day off…. right?



Suck the Fat



I love this. I keep bouncing up against it when I pop into one of my folders and it always makes me laugh.
Granted, I try to avoid people that suck the life out of me…. except for the people that take my blood when I donate. I actually like them…. And they are sucking my life….. Lol.

My advice is to avoid people that suck the life.

Happy Sunday.