Stubbornness – Poem

Stubbornness 12-29-14If anyone couldn’t tell, I’m a little frustrated as of late. Sometimes, someone in your life is just a frustrating part that makes you want to scream and yell and smack something. Poetry is a little less violent, but it still gets the point across.



What’s Your Tune

Do you ever associate music with a person? Most of the time I find I will associate certain songs with certain characters. Something that fits them to a ‘T’ and kind of describes them, though I’m sure most people wouldn’t get what I’m talking about, nor would I get why a song would fit with something they liked.

For instance, one of my characters, based on Tyler Hubbard of FLG, has a song and it’s “I’m On Fire” by Bruce Springsteen. (this character, aptly named Tyler, was originally based on Elliot from Leverage [Christian Kane‘s character] so there is some residual) For some reason, that song personifies ‘Tyler’. Don’t ask me why, but it just does.

Just like “Do You Remember” by Jay-Sean personifies my character of Cal in another really unplotted story. (Yes, I just made that word up. Unplotted)

Then I have music for characters in books I read, etc.

But I’ve found recently that people in my life have a song. For one, Boris gets the song “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. Part of the reason is personal, and the other part, well I can’t really explain. For some reason this song fits him perfectly.

Another example is the song “Magdalenha” by Sergio Mendes. This song was used on Dancing With the Stars for a samba William Levy and Cheryl Burke danced to. The way William Levy shook his assets in this song, along with his gorgeous body remind me of one of my town’s local police officers. I refer to him as Officer Levy in my writings (to keep the anonymity) and sometimes in my head. And whenever I see Officer Levy, I start humming “Magdalenha”…..

We associate music with a lot of things, or a least I do, but I’m curious, what do you put music to? Do you have certain songs for certain people? My friend Mim has a song, but I can’t actually remember it, but she used it for her ring tone for quite a while and I came to associate her with this reference even if I can’t remember the song.

Yes, my brain is weird. And yes, this is not the best post in the world, but it has been on my mind for a while, and it’s late… Excuses excuses.

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Pacific Crest Trail logo

Pacific Crest Trail logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every once in a while a story touches you and you just can’t help but want to tell people about it.  The other day was one of those instances.

Where I live we are very near the Pacific Crest Trail, and it is a common site to have hikers come down from the trail to our town to resupply and well, just take a break from the trail.  On Tuesday Mrs. Day and I were setting up our produce stand in town and this one woman hiker came over to check things out.  She looked around then went ecstatic when she saw our bowl of origami paper stars.

stars 3Mrs. Day and I spend the quiet times when we watch shows, and the winter, folding paper stars.  It’s not really for any reason other than it’s sort of relaxing and it keeps Mrs. Day awake.  Me, it keeps me from picking my nails.  We just use magazine paper, the ads, and have fun.  We have folded a lot of stars over the years.  Thousands of them.  Picture those big ice cream tubs.  Two or three of those full, not counting the ones we’ve given away.Well, this woman was thought the stars were so cute.  Mrs. Day asked if she had ever heard the Perry Como song “Catch A Falling Star”, because that is how we always think about the stars. A handful you can have in your pocket.  The woman hadn’t, but she said that she and her husband always look at the Perseid meteor shower but he’s in Kuwait.  She teared up while she told us this.  Her husband is in Kuwait for three years, and he comes home next year.  So she is hiking the trail this year.

Well, it was just so sweet how the stars made her think of her husband ( she pulled out one star that had a flag design on it) and just her little story was nice.  When she left, I couldn’t resist and filled a little box with about twenty or so more stars, added a note that included the first stanza of “Catch A Falling Star’.  I tucked it into her backpack which she had left at the Post Office while she went about town.

I hope she got it, and I hope the stars keep her thinking about her husband and when he will be home, though I’m sure she didn’t need stars to do that.

Well, that little story about her just touched me and I think it will linger with me over time.  I thought it was so sweet how she wanted to tell about him and teared up. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have your partner gone to the middle east for such a long time.  On the plus side, at least he’s in Kuwait and not Iraq or Afghanistan.

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Two Degrees From Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon at the groundbreaking ceremony for...

Image via Wikipedia

Yep, you read that right.  Two Degrees from Kevin Bacon.  Would you believe that I am?  It’s true.  My parents and I used to know Gerald Molen (okay, I was two, but still) and Gerald Molen was in Rain Man with Tom Cruise, who was in A Few Good Men, with….. Da Da Da Da! Kevin Bacon.  Yep, it’s true.  I always thought the whole 6 Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon was pretty cool.  Whoever came up with it was brilliant.  I mean, wasn’t that thing huge in the late 90’s?

It just brings to mind how much of a small world we live in.  My mother went to college with people who grew up on my father’s street.  They lived in different states, and the college was in a completely different state as well.  The odds are so great it is amazing.

My mother ended up renting a house with a girl my father went to highschool with.  Granted, they were all living in the same area, but still, the odds weren’t that great.

You can be connected to people you don’t even realize you are connected to.  We are all much closer than one realizes.  My family and I were at Costco last year and overheard this guy talking about how he had just talked to Keith and Nicole had just had the baby.  As in Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.  This guy knew him and talked to him on the phone!  There is a guy who lives around here where I do, in the middle of nowhere, that used to drive the tour bus for George Strait (at least i think that’s who it was.)

Small world.  You can be next to someone who knows someone, and not even realize it.  Granted, these someone’s are not any more important than you or I, but it is exciting.  I know two actors.  Met them a couple of years ago, and still occasionally drop them a hello.  And one of these actor’s knows and worked with Christian Kane.  So, see, small world.  I got to see Patrick Swayzee’s brother, Don, on a movie set up here.  (this is where I met the other two actors).  I also got to see Gwendolyn Yeo as well on the same set.  What are the odds?

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Where Was My Camera When I Needed It

So there I was in town last week, or was it on Tuesday….  Anyways, I had left my camera home, which is normal, as I’m forever forgetting to take it along with me, even though half the time I wish I had.  I was people watching, which is always fun, especially if you are not seriously people watching.  Kind of that vague sort of, you notice them, but don’t focus solely on them.

Well, a couple of situations came across that I wish I would have had my camera to capture the moment.

First off was a teacher, or teacher’s aide with a gaggle of girls.  The girls were all around five to six, with their backpacks, and bows in hair, and such.  I’d say about ten to fifteen little girls.  The thing that stuck out was all the pink.  If it wasn’t pink shoes, it was bows in hair, or pink shirts, shorts, necklaces, and about three or four pink backpacks of the same style and design.  Every girl had some sort of pink on.  Even the girls that were wearing blue or black or purple, had some pink on them.  It was so cute.  And they were laughing and giggling like all little girls do.  Asking each other how old they were, and just generally having a happy-go-lucky attitude.

The second situation was two older men sitting on the concrete planter box out in front of the post office. One was in his 60’s, the other in his 80’s.  They were having a friendly conversation and it was just so idyllic. It reminded me of the song “Old Friends” by Simon and Garfunkle.  “Old friends, old friends, sat on a park bench like bookends….”.  I wished I could have taken a picture.  I will use the image somewhere to write either some flash fiction or to put in a book. Not sure what.  Same with the little girls.

The last example was about three weeks ago, when I saw a husband and wife walking hand in hand, home from the grocery store, the husband holding the wicker basket full, and both of them chatting with each other.  The wife giggling and laughing at something her husband had said.  It was one of those moments you see in a commercial where it’s this adorable couple. 

I think couples at any age are adorable in certain settings.  And older couple in their 80’s taking a quiet stroll through the park is so cute.  I saw it once on a Debeers add.  Or a young couple that is happily spending time with each other.  It fascinates me.

So, there I was, wishing for my camera.  You would think I would remember it from time to time….

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Obsession is defined as  :


ob·ses·sion [əb sésh’n, ob sésh’n]
(plural ob·ses·sions)
1.  preoccupation: an idea or feeling that completely occupies the mind 
2.  state of being obsessed: the state of being obsessed by somebody or something 

Obsession Club (sign me up)

Right now I’m dealing with obsession.  I’m obsessing about a person and it’s probably not healthy, but….

I think when someone is dealing with Obsession, it should be capitalized.  That’s how much it affects you.  It eats away at your mind.  It’s nasty, but somewhat like a good pain.  The kind of pain that is similar to pinching your finger tips lightly with clothes pins. (yes, I’m weird).  A zing.

It’s a virus or parasite that eats away at you, but then there is the numbing pleasure factor to it.  You don’t feel the eating away, you feel the pleasure.  You want it to go away, the nasty part, but you think that if it were gone, you might not know what to do with yourself. 

Part of me can honestly say that I like being obsessed.  But is it really healthy.  Part of me says no.  And yet, I can’t stop.  At least, not right yet.

And what really can get obsession even more ingrained in  your head is the unknown factor.  You sit there wondering about someone and because you don’t actually know, you obsess even more.

It’s kind of creepy.

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Are We All Narcissists Now?


 Are we all becoming massive narcissists?

In a world of Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and so on; a world where everyone is saying something about themselves; have we gotten lost in all there is about ‘me’?

I think maybe we have. We promote ourselves, trying to find value in what we have to say. Trying to make ourselves important. “Hey, look at me!” we shout out to the masses, as we post away. Sending little snippets into cyberspace. We blog, we chat, we post on forums. We spit out useless bits of information about ourselves. We change ourselves to become something everyone wants to see, so that again, we are saying, “Look at me.” “See, I’m important too.”

And the more we do it online, the more we do it out in the real world. It seems that I run into more and more people that think only about themselves. People join clubs to have their voice be heard. They become a part of a group to be heard. They do this or that so that they get recognition. They need to talk about themselves. They need to be heard.

Are we all just such insecure idiots that we can’t handle being satisfied with our own evaluation of ourselves? We have to have someone else’s opinion? So we post something, waiting anxiously by the computer screen for that answer to elevate our self worth. Yet all the while, we are still talking about ourselves as if all that matters is me.

Me, me, me, me, me….. It brings an all new light to the Toby Keith song, “I Wanna Talk About Me”. Are we all doomed to become Narcissus, the Greek warrior that was so enthralled with his own self image, he wasted away while staring at a reflection of himself? At this rate it certainly seems that way. Oh, maybe not in the exact manner, but we get so sucked into our own world, that stepping out of it becomes harder and harder.

My generation, whatever number or letter it is…. I was born in ‘82 so you do the math… extremely centered on itself. And the generation that is coming up after me is even more so. I listen to my parents talk about when they were younger and how people cared about each other and got involved in the community much more than they ever do now. It was not all about ‘me’. You were involved in your church, your family, the school your kids were going to, charities, etc. It was all very different.

And yes, I can be accused of thinking only about myself. I think everyone does. There is no way you won’t. We are all human and that is just part of what makes us the way we are. And I don’t think it’s the end of the world if you take time to talk about yourself here and there, do something for yourself. But this incessant need to be heard. To have the world revolve around each one of us. It’s just sick and wrong, on so many levels.

But, I blame social networks as having a hand in this. It makes it all that much easier. And I refer you to this post “My whole life I’ve been a fraud.”  that does tie into mine as well. We are losing ourselves as we try to promote ourselves. Maybe we will figure it out one day before it’s too late…. Personally, I’d rather not waste away as I stare at my reflection.

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