Savoring Letters

Garnet Hill LettersI love letters. I love writing them. I love receiving them.  Letters harken back to the days when that was the only means of communication between people who lived further than a couple miles.  Why, even if you lived close you could send a note or letter because, hey, there were no phones.  Just think about any Jane Austen film, or book, and at some point someone is getting a folded, wax-sealed letter or note.  Ah yes, letters are definitely something that has still hung around despite the technological age of computers and phones.  You still write letters (type) one a computer.  They have not died.

That being said, while I love letters, I’m quite terrible at replying to them.  It’s not that I don’t want to reply, but well, I savor letters.  If someone sends me one, I read it over and over, or mull over it, or think.  The minute I start replying to a letter, I start to forget what was in the letter.  It’s like this mind emptying thing.  So I hold off on replying to letters. I’m sure people wonder if I am ever going to get back to them.  Mrs. Austen would be one that comes to mind recently. I have received several nice emails from her and a letter and I’ve yet to actually reply!  I have things started.  It’s terrible.

Letters are incredibly exciting to receive in the mail.  Actually, anything addressed to one that is not junk or a bill is fun to get in the mail.  My favorite things are letters or books. You really can’t go wrong. I think the only thing that might top it off is if someone could figure out how to send a cup of hot coffee in the mail.  That would be something.  You open your package and there is this perfect steaming cup of joe.  Ah yes.

I go all out for letters a lot of the time.  Pretty stamps, nice paper, written with a fountain pen.  Or I try to do something unique. I  just sent a friend of mine a short letter that I wrote on one half sheet of card stock, folded in thirds, and printed with the tiniest print I could manage.  He was teasing me about my small script, which I thought was relatively normal.  Apparently not.  I like doodling on margins. I like trying new different methods of writing.  I like scribbling notes in margins, though I try to avoid that.  I get my notes better than other people.

I’ve even made my own envelopes by pricking them with a pin to achieve a punched out design.  Wax seals, stickers, letters written on one sheet of paper then folded into an envelope.  I’ve tried it all.  I love having that bit of creativity on hand.  And while I do like email thing, I still savor and take forever to reply.

So, if you have written me a letter and haven’t gotten a reply recently, even if I have promised a speedy reply, don’t take it personally.  I’m still enjoying your letter.  Savoring and digesting it slowly like a really good book.   Oh, and I keep almost every letter I receive.  I have boxes and email folders, and such.

Happy Friday.  Good Friday.

Signing off



WordPress Just Fueled My Already Obsessed Obsession With My Email

I love email. If I had to pick one thing I’m obsessed about, besides books, pens, writing, reading, photography and various other things, email would be one of those things. Clearly I can’t pick one thing, but that is beside the point. Happy, happy emails in my inbox. Oh that new mail at the top highlighted and waiting to be read. The blink of a familiar address popping up in my inbox. All those lovely emails to read. Why, someone wanted to contact me, and there is their note waiting for me to click it open.emailing1.jpg

I am habitually checking my email, hoping for a note from someone, even if I don’t expect anything from them. Or checking for a note from someone though I’ve yet to reply to one of theirs. It is usually the first thing I think about in the morning, and since my laptop is right by my bed, I can indulge in that obsession. Or habit. I’m not sure which one it is. And usually checking my email is the last thing I do before clicking off my light, or many times, the light is already off, like right now, and I’m checking my email.

Can I live without email? Yes. Do I want to? No.

No, while it would probably be healthier if I didn’t obsess over it, nor rely on it for various things from moments of mood boosts when a ‘Like’ comes in from WordPress, to blogs I want to read but do not have the time to even glance at, I still really enjoy it. I actually don’t use it that much for correspondence, unless you count the few people in my life who I don’t actually write letters to, meaning on paper. There are a couple people in my life I do not actually send a stamped letter to, though I would like to. Email is more of a collection of blogs that I am subscribed to, though this is more recent in the past two years, and various other updates.

I attempt, in my life to keep writing to paper and pen, which for the most part, I succeed at. Email is actually, when one comes down to it, a necessary evil. We would all get along fine without it, but for anything online, you need it. You can’t subscribe to anything online without an email, whereas on paper, email is still usually optional.

Sometimes I miss the paper and real life optional aspect.

All that being said, this feature of WordPress where you can send your post in via email is great. While I like the format of writing on WordPress, there are times when I just don’t want to have to pull up a new window. Why right now I’m typing via my email, partly to keep with the post from The Daily Post at WordPress on Mail It In. I tested it out on Monday to see how it worked, and wow, that is a nice feature. I mean, a really nice feature. I like that I can tap something quickly out and it will post, just so long as I remember my Catagories, and common tags. The categories might be tricky to remember, and I don’t have the coding down yet, but maybe a few more times and I might. I do miss the fact that with the WordPress Dashboard new post, there are usually suggestions for images and other posts to link to, but I don’t always need that.

Do I need one more reason to use my email? Probably not, but I can see how this feature will be something I use in the future for blogging. Does this fuel my email obsession? Probably more than it should, but it might be just the novelty of a new thing. I get this way when I see new themes on the Theme Showcase. Heck, right now I’m debating changing my theme to the new Twenty Twelve, just because. I probably won’t, though it is tempting.

For now, I’ll just use the email your blog post in, when the mood strikes. I still like planning out my posts before just tapping one out. Though honestly, this was not one of my better posts. I had it plotted out much better in my mind and it did not come out that way. Pardon the randomness of it all.

Signing off