A Writer’s Toolbox

For a writer, you have your basic tools of the trade. If you are like me you have your pens, paper, notebooks, scraps of paper, fountain pens, pencils, and things to do all your writing by hand. I do a lot of writing by hand. Then you have your computer, laptop, typewriters, word processors (though most of those have gone by the wayside).  These are what make a writer create there work.

But sometimes, you need extra things other than just a pen, paper and your mind.  That’s where the Toolbox comes in hand.

First you have your hardware: the book thesauruses, libraries and other various methods of information.

Then there are the online sources.

First, let’s start with the blog A Writer’s Path.  Over there, Ryan has compiled a nice, neat list of links for places online that really do help a writer out. Mr. B would say it’s cheating and what did writers do before there was the internet? To which I reply, there were an awful lot of John’s, Jane’s, Mary’s and Frank’s as character names…. Just saying.

‘The little Nudge’ from The Santa Clause 2. Because we all need a little nudge…

Ryan, has links for random name generators, plots, clothing, body language, etc. , to help you get going where sometimes you just need a nudge.

Then he has links for traditional publishing and self publishing.  They are all really great links and I urge you to check them out because, as of yet, I don’t have my own list of links for a Toolbox. I really should consider compiling one for myself.

So, check out his Toolbox, but I also have a few links to add to this.

First off:  Fantasy Name Generators   This link has everything. Place names (fantasy, mixed with real, Asian, inns, bars, lakes, mountains, castles…), Fantasy names, real names, constellations names (fake), mineral names (fake), and I could go on and on. This site is rather remarkable and you can spend so much time futzing.

Treasury of Latin Prayers  If you are writing anything that needs a latin prayer, well here you go. I haven’t searched through the whole thing, but wow, both translations, so you know what’s being said. For all those historical novels, this can be quite useful.

Random Romance Novel Title Generator   Yes, I know, but hey, some of use do write romance and honestly, coming up with a decent title for a romance is harder than it looks. Especially without it sounding too cheesy.  Just try it out.

And for Westerns…. Random Western Novel Title Generator

For unique women’s clothing  DevilNight has a remarkable amount of cool clothing. Vintage, Victorian, Gothic, Retro, Wedding, Medieval….

These are just a few extra places to check out. There are so many resources out there for writing.

I love Tumblr for writing prompts. Some of my best pictures for writing have come from there. Bing and Google have an exhaustive image archive, for whatever it is you are looking up, and don’t forget Pinterest and WeHeartIt.  These are all great spots to help with writing as well.

So, does anyone else have some great Toolbox links?  I think I should start compiling a list and put it on it’s own page. Maybe right up there with ‘Methods of Madness’ a page I have yet to fully finish.


Snappy Blog Award Post

Just this last week, the wonderful C.B. Wentworth awarded me the lovely 7×7 blogging award.  I was quite surprised and flattered that my blog had caught the notice of someone who seems much more into the world of blogging.   So thank you C.B.  I am quite honored.  And for all my readers, I recommend you check out her blog. It’s really a lot of fun.

 I feel like I’m just playing at it half the time, and that most of the time, my posts are quite, well, worthless.  I do it for myself, mostly, though I do try to keep my readers in mind.  I don’t always post every thought off the top of my head.  Though, I would like to sometimes.   I’m a girl, we do that sometimes.
Well, part of the requirements of this award are as follows.

Share something about myself that others don’t know.  (for the record, this isn’t really a very fair question.  Wouldn’t you like to know more than just one thing?)

Okay, I’ll restrain myself. 

 I collect coins from foreign countries.  It started when my great-grandmother gave me a small leather pouch containing ones she had collected on her travels throughout the world.  That was when I was about 10.   Since then, I have amassed a small fortune, ( maybe) and I am forever asking friends to pick up a few coins when they go to another country.  I also stop into coin exchanges and peruse.  Just this Christmas I was given some coins from Lebanon, Sweden, Norway, and Mexico.
Link seven posts from your blog that you think are worthy.

I hate this part because it feels like I am bragging.  Well, I’ll do my best.

Flash Fiction : The Magic Orb

A Haiku For You

The Romance of Hanging Laundry

The Kobayahsi Maru

The Badass and Roscoe


Vintage Craze – Part 3: Cloche Hats 


Nominate seven other bloggers that deserve the award and haven’t received it yet.

Albert Berg’s Unsanity Files
Albert Berg is this crazy zombie apocalyptic fiction writer, who while he has given up his major writing, still gets around.  A bit of flash fiction that is creepy beyond belief, and a self-published book, along with tips and how tos on life and living, Al has it all.  I highly recommend you check out his past posts if you like creepy.

Isabella Louise Anderson
Ms. Anderson is in the process of advancing her career as a chick lit writer and along with her adventures in that, she posts reviews of books, lovely Fun Fridays, which could be anything, and just a smidgen of this and that.  I look forward to her posts, and I applaud her dedication.  This is a woman who completed NaNoWriMo, as well.  How could you not applaud that?

The adventures in  raising a four-year-old, along with all the unique questions said four-year-old asks.  I look forward to the book reviews little bits of random information Mommyo passes along to all of us.  This has to be one of the blogs I look forward to the most.

the lacquer log
I am a nail polish junkie. Okay, that might be a bit extreme, but I do enjoy painting my nails, and I’m always on the hunt for a good nail polish.  I find reading about makeup and beauty relaxing, and this one fits the bill.    Her descriptions of the polishes are wonderful, along with what I view is an honest review.  While I don’t paint my nails too many odd colors, nor do I paint that religiously, I do enjoy a bit of mix up here and there.  If you enjoy nail polish, or just seeing really nicely manicured nails, I recommend this blog.
A (Bad) Poem A Day
I don’t get around to reading this blog that often, but I have enjoyed reading different types of poetry Jesse posts.  Some are thought provoking, others are just funny.  Mostly done in free form, some has rhyme and I just enjoy it.


Lady Jecca
I like the mix of poetry, images, and the occasion rants.  I can’t really explain why I enjoy her blog other than it ends up making me smile in some way or another.  I think part of it is the pictures she posts with each post, just gel together in this really magical way.

Tim Kane Books
Another blog I don’t get around to reading that often, but I always enjoy the random posts that kind of make me think.  A writer, he has bits of writing advice, random quotes, and little things that make me laugh.
Presents of Mind
How could you not enjoy reading a blog where the gal has a typewriter?  Okay, well there is more to it than that.  A reader, writer, journaler, I enjoy all the little bits she posts.  Tips on writing, and all sorts of various things to help one write.  I don’t get here often, but I enjoy it none the less.

To accept your 7×7 Link Award:

•Thank who nominated you and include a link
•List something others don’t know about you
•Choose seven links on your blog that you think are worthy
•Nominate 7 bloggers who have not received the award and include links
•Notify the bloggers you have nominated


Signing off