A Little Christmas Bling

Winter slumps in like that grumpy gnome you have hiding in your garden. One minute the sky is blue, the next, there sitting in the corner armchair, or maybe it’s a recliner, is this frown faced, white bearded, cross armed gnome. Sort of like Grumpy. The fog sits in this fuzzy white line across the sky like a low hanging ceiling. Never lifting and you know darn well it’s all blue skies and sunshine above. Maybe. Who knows. It’s this bubble you are in. You have no clue. Heck, it could be rockets red glare up there and you wouldn’t know.

The fog, if it does lift, happens around 4pm right when the sun is making its last pass and is about ready to drop down over the mountains. Then, the night sky is alight with the most midnight blue sky. Brilliant and scintillating with the starshine of the winter constellations. Orion tipped on his side as a waxing gibbous mercury silvers a metal barn roof to mirror shine.

Daytime: late afternoon and deer linger on velvet lawns of faded green and tan, like well placed ornaments. It is Advent season after all. They are like the flocked deer of one’s childhood where there were those beautiful horses and deer and woodland creatures that were the softest to touch but couldn’t have their limbs moved. The kind that area always in the ranching stores. I remember the last time I saw them was in this all purpose Radio Shack store when I was about 12 in Colorado. The kind of store that sold farm toys to kids. Tractors and John Deere things, and blue jeans, and knick knacks for a tourist town.

Advent, when every glittering thing takes on a new meaning. Starlit nights, Christmas lights, a red drum in a second-hand store window, paper bags lining a street with little flickering lights. Turn on every Christmas song I know, watch every Christmas related movie in the world, hum about hippopotamuses and lost front teeth. Grinches and Little Toy Trains. Candles shine more brightly in the dark.


Christmas is a fairytale. For Christians it aught to be a fairytale. We are on this quest for the ‘gold’ and the right, we are knights fighting for our King, to end up in a paradise of riches and wealth. They say fairytales don’t exist. Clearly no one ever read the Bible. Why, everything is fantastic and amazing and glorious. And it’s all true! Talk about a story that doesn’t have an end, and the end is going to be so much more magnificent than anything us mortal humans could cook up in section 398.2.

The holiday season is fastly here and I’ve yet to write anything I’ve wanted, but the start of this post was a start of a poem that didn’t go anywhere. It was clearly meant for blog posts and all that.  I can’t quite seem to get out what I’m feeling and thinking. Life is just too chaotic at times. I’m just one motion into another. Planning desserts, Christmas party dresses, functioning. It’s just all a little too much to sit and write. That being said, I am in another Hallmark frame of mind. Ironically, a friend just sent me the best Hallmark Christmas movie plot generator. I am having a blast with it. I dare you to come up with something yourself.

Go for it and tell me what you come up with. Even better, or brownie points if you can name a movie that fits one of these!



That Girl In The Red Cape

A fairy tale updated.

Red, Red Riding Hood, Valerie.  There are many incarnations of the classic fairy tale by the Charles Perrault, then later by the Brothers Grimm.  Erotic, funny, clean, not clean, classic, there are so many versions it’s hard to keep them straight.  Some have just a wolf, others a werewolf, and then in the case of ABC’s Once Upon A Time, the wolf is Red.  How that actually works, I have no idea.  Does she talk to herself?

And I digress.  The story of Red Riding Hood is a classic.  My father told it

The more traditional.

to me and my sister, complete with stuffed three headed doll to make the tale more real.  We have pictures when we were scared out of our wits when the Wolf came along.

And yet, despite the scary aspect of the story, I love it.  I have read many versions of the story, some just downright idiotic, while others, well, lets just say I don’t tell anyone I read them.  (everyone needs secrets) I’ve even seen a couple films regarding Red.  The more insane one being where she and her family are werewolf hunters.

My most recent foray into that world was watching the current film Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfreid.  It is a dark, sexy, and a bit pagan version of the tale. Various aspects of it reminded me of The 13th Warrior, which I could never fully watch due to the gross factor.  Then there was the Twilight-y aspect that was a bit ridiculous, especially casting Billy Burke as Valerie’s (Red) father.  I blame that all on the producer who was the same as Twilight.  But, all of that aside, I actually enjoyed the film.  I like fairy tales.  I like a more adult version of fairy tales.  (Heck, I like adult forms, but let’s not tell anyone that)  There is something kind of cool about reading, or watching something from your childhood get an update.

The sexier updated version. (Meghan Ory)

It’s why I still read various stories about Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, Snow White, and other such things, with a more adult twist.  They are classic stories, and a lot can be done with them.

Perrault and The Grimms knew what they were doing.  They’ve kept us going on wanting the fairy tale.  Even though we are all grown up now.

On a side note, I suggest  anyone interested in the whole historical aspect of Little Red Riding Hood should go read the Wikipedia article on it HERE.  It’s quite informative about all the history and symbolization of the story.

Signing off