Cute Shoes and Chocolate

I felt the need for both of these today. Sometimes you just need a cute pair of shoes and some chocolate.

Happy Sunday.


For All Writers Who Are Coffee Drinkers….

I want to thank Dr. Samadi out of Mt. Sinai hospital for telling me it’s okay to drink 4 cups of coffee a day. I would not be a writer without coffee. Or chocolate. Or tea, but I digress. I need my 4 cups of coffee a day. And now I don’t have to feel guilty.
How To Drink Coffee

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Flash Fiction : A Marry Me Cake

Slice of pound cake

Slice of pound cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Tim!  Hello. Come in,” Jessica exclaimed as she opened the screen door wide enough to let the tall man in.  This was a pleasant surprise as Tim never came to visit and Jessica hadn’t seen him in months.  He was always charming and ready with smile for her, but they didn’t run in the same circles.  She kept to her book clubs and very prim and proper world while Tim tended to run in a more boisterous crowd.  The contractors and loggers.  No, they didn’t cross paths much, but she enjoyed every time she did get to see him.

“I just finished making a pot of coffee.  Would you care for a cup?” she asked over her shoulder as she walked towards the kitchen.

“Sure,” Tim answered, following her into the cheery room.

“Have a seat,” Jessica motioned to the kitchen table and chairs.  She took cups and small plates down from the cupboard, then reached into a drawer for spoons and dessert forks.  Tim arched a brow in question as she set a covered cake plate on the table.

Jessica lifted the cover to reveal three quarters of a moist yellow cake lovingly encased in a fluffy chocolate frosting.  “Can I tempt you with a piece?” she queried with a knowing smile.

Tim’s glazed over expression was enough of an answer so she sliced him a generous piece, then cut a much smaller one for herself.  After pouring the coffee and sitting down herself she motioned for time to dig in.

His first bite turned into a long drawn out moan of delight and Jessica smiled in pleasure.

“Good god woman, what did you put in this thing?  Ground up ecstasy?”  Time said this with a groan as he took another bite.

“No.  Just butter, sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla and other cake making ingredients.”

Tim looked up at her, a thoughtful expression on his face.

“Jessica Martin?”


“Marry me.”

Jessica laughed.  “Oh Tim, stop it.”  She sipped her coffee, but she was finding it hard not to smile like an idiot.

“I’m not joking.  I would give you anything you could ever want if you make me cake like this.  How are you at pie?”


I made a Betty Crocker Starlight cake with fluffy chocolate frosting the other day (I highly recommend this recipe if anyone cares, and yes, I only make homemade cakes)  The cake is long gone; my father adores cake, but this thought came to me and I just had to play around with a guy eating cake and asking a girl to marry him just because she  makes a fine cake.  I love cooking for men, and I kind of like showing off when I can with food. Hey, they always say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. You can’t tell me it isn’t true.

Well, my father is happy now because I just baked another cake yesterday. I don’t do much, if anything, for father’s day, but I know he appreciates that cake. For those interested, a Betty Crocker Daffodil Cake. Pillowy soft angel food like, but with a gorgeous yellow sponge swirled through from the egg yolks you add. (Another cake I highly recommend making, if you aren’t afraid of angel food cakes)

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Christmas Tree Magic

She sat in the glitterning darkness of a sparkling Christmas tree.  The white lights were like little fairies come to rest, the blue balls shown like the night sky. Icicles dripped from the branches adding a graceful elegance to the already delicate boughs.  Snowflakes winked in and out among  cranberry balls.  Here and there were sparkling red snowflakes. Drenched in red glitter they were etherial.  The whole tree was a confection to the eyes. One filled with delight and magic.  One could just picture Santa coming to  tuck presents beneath the boughs.

There was a enchanting sensation  to the room. Decorated to the nines, one could not help feeling that they had entered either a winter wonderland, or Saint Nick’s own abode.  The mantle held garlands of fragrant pine.  Red bayberry candles, with their yellow flames, flickered in and out of the greenery.  Plush red stockings hung by cheerful snowmen, santas, and reindeer.   Tables were layden with  overflowing bowls of candy.  Red and green M & M’s filled a chubby Santa’s sack; candy canes hooked over square glass cubes, filled to the brim with holiday kisses.  Caramels, fudge, and toffee.  It was a child’s paradise. 

It was perfect for her.  She sat with her mug of hot chocolate.  Curled up on a sofa, snuggled in a warm wool sweater and socks, it was the epitome of Christmas. One couldn’t ask for anything better.



Signing off


P.S. This was just me in an inspirational mood. I have a glorious tree this year and it’s quite magical.

Coffee, Chocolate, Cowboys

Some things are better rich. I read a statement ages ago that said, ‘Coffee, Chocolate, Cowboys, Some things are better rich’. I would have to agree with that statement.

I am a fan of coffee. I love it. I would have four or five cups a day of it. The smooth richness of a cup of fresh French Roast coffee. Oh, to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a magazine. A wonderful past time. Something I gladly do when I can. And the varieties of coffee. A cup of hazelnut with a biscotti. Wonderful. The aroma rich, sweet, mouth-watering.

And speaking of mouth-watering. Chocolate. Now I love chocolate. And I would go so far as to say that I think it is a cure-all for any emotional ailment. Some physical too. Next to books, chocolate has to be my other fetish. I don’t think I could live without chocolate. It is my happy drug. And to have a piece of rich, dark chocolate is heaven. The smooth, creamy texture, melting and cooling your tongue. The hints of smokey nuttiness. The spicy hints of cinnamon or clove that some chocolates have. A taste that is delectable. That instant feeling of happiness that accompanies the slow melt. A feeling of elation coupled with utter relaxation. I never eat chocolate in a hurry. I never chew it. I want to savor every last morsel of each and every piece.

My family knows of my chocolate habit and they comply with my desires by unloading different kinds of dark chocolate at birthdays and Christmas. Dark, milk, semi -sweet, flavored…. you name it, I am probably going to love it. But by far, I will always go for a nice piece of a rich dark chocolate.

And finally, to go with that cup of rich coffee and a piece of rich chocolate is a rich cowboy. Now bear in mind, I don’t know any particularly rich cowboys. But a cowboy is the epitome of a man’s man. A real guy. Tough on the outside but oh so kind and gentlemanly to a woman. They work hard. They are not afraid to get down and dirty. They can ride a horse. Sounds pretty darn good if you ask me. Now, throw in a bit of money and you got yourself a gosh darn irresistible package. And they always clean up good. With that hat riding low on their heads, looking very good, a crisp white shirt, dark blue jeans and the boots. An irresistible package. Throw in a southern drawl and talk about potent. And you can bet they will like a bit of that rich coffee and a healthy slice of a good chocolate cake…..

So like I say, some things are better rich.


Signing off