Emilie Loring’s Novels as a Film Guide

I was sitting there last night watching White Christmas, a film I love and should be a staple at Christmas, and as I watched Betty get all mad at Bob and storm off, I thought, wow, this is really like an Emilie Loring novel.

Now granted, there wasn’t much mystery involved, nor was there  a woman scorned trying to win back someone.  There wasn’t a whole exact specificity that made it like an Emilie Loring, but I still say it was.  The shenanigans and how everything was solved in the end.  Even to the misunderstanding of Betty and her running off to the Carousel Club, and Bob going to see her and trying to fix it.  It really is semi similar.  Maybe that’s why I love the story as I do.

And recently, watching the film Aloha with Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone, I thought the same thing.  The film has mystery, intrigue, romance, a woman who wants the hero back, a new woman, a new love interest, people wanting to settle down, a villain.  It’s all there. Updated, with some sex, but still, the premise of the film is very Loring-esque.

You have the guy that comes back home, to Hawaii, there’s the girl who’s his guide, and while she likes him, she’s cautious about him, there’s the ex  girlfriend who is kind of interested in the guy, there’s the business man who has sketchy business dealings…. Will the guy end up with the girl? Or go back to his ex? And what about that sketchy businessman? Did I mention that the guy used to be in the military?

I mean, really, could this be any closer to an Emilie Loring book?  I honestly don’t think so.

So now my new mission in life is to watch films with this style of storyline.  Technically, Pride and Prejudice is along these lines.  Okay, it’s a lot like an Emilie Loring.  And maybe that is what makes these such classic stories.  They have a specific theme that pits good against bad, and guy against girl.  And the guy always get the right girl.

A story isn’t any good with out a little intrigue and conflict.  While White Christmas doesn’t have much intrigue, it still has conflict.  And singing….. the singing makes up for the lack of intrigue.

Aloha has plenty of all things.  Romance and intrigue and conflict.

Does anyone else have some good films that have this story line?  Oh, Sabrina with Humphry Bogart and Audrey Hepburn is a lot like this story line as well!

Clearly I have a Loring vibe still.  I think part of that is because I am reading Patti Bender’s blog as she write’s Emilie Loring’s biography.  Could it be any better than that?  I love this. I’m so excited about it.  And she also has read Loring’s books over and over.  So I get to hear about one of my favorite subjects. Emilie Loring novels.  I think I’m in heaven.



The Beards Have The Floor

Hello, gorgeous.  Yes, you. You there with the trim beard.  You are looking fine today.

I’m not sure anyone else noticed this, but if you are a woman who enjoys a good looking man, then the Oscars was the place to look on Sunday night.  And the predominant thing I noticed of all the delish boys, was the amazing amount of facial hair.  It appears that trim, neat beards have come back into fashion.  For years I would have never gone for the bearded look. I was not very thrilled with beards, mustaches and an over abundance of facial hair, which included long sideburns.   Nope, I was not a facial hair person.

Ah, but recently I’ve had a change of heart.  No more so than watching the Oscars.  I have to say hands down Ben Affleck’s look was best, though I can’t decide between his director look, or his Argo look.  Argo is definitely a 70’s look, and honestly, a very sexy look for Mr. Affleck.  I would say a close second to the bearded look was Bradley Cooper.  The combination with his suit and blue eyes made for a knockout.

Now, there are a lot of guys that try to do the three day shadow/stubble. STOP! Please, please stop. Either grow it out or shave it off. But quit looking like you just rolled out of bed. And then there is also the guys that grow it out to the super long look that reminds me of a mountain man. Stop that as well. Girls really don’t go for unkempt. We want clean and neat. That is what the boys of Oscar brought to us. Trim, neat, gorgeous.

I will just leave you all to enjoy the men of the Oscars.  I could have added way more, but then I thought it might be overload.  Oh, and on a side note, have you noticed that when the actors become a director, a beard is in order.

Signing off


Loving Mr. Blue Eyes

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June 24, 2011 //1[via gthegentleman]

Hooolllyyy Shhhiiii-

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I love when they emphasize a guy’s blue eyes either by using the same color all over, or just making them stand out.

Unfortunately, these are the only two I can think of and the ones I found of Bradley Cooper just didn’t do him justice.  So, if you know of any…. Let me know and I can add them to this post.  I know Frank Sinatra was Mr. Blue Eyes, but well, I never thought he was super good looking.

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