Plans… Discarded

I’ve gone three days without writing a decent post and I had plans today to write something that was of decent capacity, but here I am writing about not writing. I want to update this blog a bit; I’m not exactly sure what I want to do. I think a bit of a new sidebar and a bit more information that I’ve kind of let go by the wayside. A new quote or two might be nice.

What would you like to see?  Any ideas? Categories you might want to see. A better index?  Do you like my Saturday Inspire posts?

More quotes? More flash fiction?  I’d love to know what you readers are interested in seeing.

Comment and let me know. I’m open to more options.

Signing off



One Hundred

I was just noticing this morning that I had 97 followers here at Kate’s Bookshelf, then boom, I am now at a lovely 100! Wow, thanks you all for following me. No, those three extra numbers are not any more important than the other 97 of you that were following me before. It’s just a nice bit of even numbers kind of thing. Like 50 or something.
So thank you to everyone of you that takes the time to read what I’ve tapped out or posted. I appreciate it.

Signing off

Around But Not Forgotten

Dear Readers,

I have been around, but not up for writing due to some health issues.  Writing is very hard to do when you can’t concentrate due to pain and the medications going along with it.  Hopefully though, new content will be  arriving at Kate’s Bookshelf. 

Until then, I encourage you to check out some great blogs in their own right.

Albert Berg’s Unsanity Files (where he has been posting his story that started with just a line his readers voted on!)

Caterpickles (where Shala writes about her interactions with her five year-old daughter. A real treat for me)

Books and Bowel  Movements (yes, the title is a stretch, but Cassie writes such interesting things at times, and Newsday Tuesday is always chock full of tons of things related to the book world.)

…the house I live in… (A little bit of this and a bit of that, but I really enjoy reading Doug Bruns’ work)

Presents of Mind (Tag line : A Fiction Writer’s Blog.  Pretty much sums it up. I look forward to her posts.)

So, until you see my name in your inbox, besides this one, check out those blogs. Maybe you’ll find interesting things there as well.

Signing off


An Apology to My Subscribers

I’m afraid I’m not a very good blogger.  Most of you who subscribed this year were probably hoping I’d blog more.  I seem to be quite terrible at writing anything terribly exciting, at any normal time.  Just about every other blogger I follow myself, seems to post around the same time each day.  With me, you are lucky if you ever know when I am going to post within a given week.  Granted, you all know that you will get something once a week due to my commitment to Post Once A Week.

But other than that, you might get something interesting, a real post, or it might be me spitting out some poetry.   Hopefully it hasn’t been too annoying.  I know that I’ve followed some that  I’ve never seen a new post since.  Sometimes it bothers me, and other times I’m kind of thankful due to how many blogs I read on a given day.

Now, I don’t want any reassurances.  I’m just letting you all know that I appreciate the fact that you’ve decided to follow me, even though I don’t regularly post.

That being said, I’ve been spending the week working on writing and staying cool.  The part of California I’m in has been a bit hot.  I had plans to post on the D.C. earthquake, but I figure after Irene, I shouldn’t do any harassing of those East Coasters.  You’ve all had a bit of a run this past week.  I did think aspects of the quake, and because I’m a born and raised CA girl, were somewhat funny, but again, I won’t be mean.

Hopefully the mess from Irene will be cleaned up quickly and let’s hope no more big storms hit the east coast.

Signing off


Showing a Little Blogging Love

Again, I’m not very inspired, so I thought I would showcase some of my favorite blogs.  These are ones I love to read and look forward to the notice in my inbox.


A Minute For Minute  :  This guy reblogs some of the greatest, fun pictures ever.  I love looking at them.  They are inspiring, fun, quirky.  And the comments he makes for them really make me laugh or totally agree.


Albert Berg’s Unsanity Files  :  What can I say about Albert Berg?  He is a crazy, post-apocalyptic writer/author who has a great sense of humor.  Spouting of some strange images that make my stomach turn, to giving some great writing advice, I’m so glad I found this guy.  Plus, through him, I’ve found some other amazing writer’s blogs.


The Hack Novelist  :  Now, Hack has a brilliant sense of humor.  Unfortunately, due to his daily blogging (though he’s slowed down a bit)  I have about two months of backlogged in my email.  However, he has posted some brilliant advice and as he is a current writer, I am always interested in what he has to say.


PhotoJaclyn Rae’s Blog  :  Need a spot of brightness?  Need to see something utterly girly?  Visit her blog.  Inspiring words, pictures and quotes seem to be her theme.  Along with anything pink, hearts, cupcakes, lace, girl, and more girl.  She reblogs some of the best girly pictures ever.  Me who has never been a huge pink fan, wants to dive right into every thing frilly when I see the pictures.  Every girl/woman should pop over to her site.


The Girl in the Library  :           I had to read this blog just because of the title.  A little bit of this, a bit of that, this blog is unique.  I can’t really explain it.



I hope you all will check these great blogs out. 

Signing off


A Post A Week?

There is a new challenge for bloggers out there on WordPress.   A post a day, or a post a week.  Me, being the very un-dilligent writer that I am, will attempt to write once a week.  It seems doable with that being only 52 posts a year, though since I have two blogs, that is 104 posts.  Still somewhat doable.

I have no idea how well I shall succeed, but I’m crossing my fingers that this will help me write more and get more ideas out there. Even for my own pleasure.  Because, hey, half the time I write for my own enjoyment and the heck with anyone else.

So onward in the new year of writing.  Maybe this will be resolution #1.  Or 2, or 3, as I have a couple other things that are important too.

Signing off