October 11th – Write 31 Days – Sagebrush Bees

sagebrush-beesMr. B and I have had this argument about leaving the wild sagebrush plant outside our fence for several years. I want it to stay, he wants it to go. I get why he does. It’s not necessarily a pretty plant. It grows very weedy and is kind of messy. On the plus side, I have figured out that you can prune it down to size and it still flowers. And that is why I want to keep it. The plant blooms late in the season, like, right now. It doesn’t bloom till late September, though most of the time it is in to October before it does. And the plant is rather lovely with that super bright yellow on minty white leaves, or shrub.  The other reason I want it?  The bees, butterflies and flies love it.  There isn’t much around the honeybees like, unless it’s the asters, but they certainly do love the sagebrush.

See them tumbling down,
Pledging their love to the ground!
Lonely, but free, I’ll be found,
Drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds.   –Sons Of The Pioneers – Tumbling Tumbleweeds


Okay, so I’m not talking about tumbleweeds, but it’s late and I’m tired and behind…..


October 10th – Write 31 Days – Virgin’s Bower


Where Ellen’s hand had taught to twine
The ivy and Idaean vine,
The clematis, the favored flower
Which boasts the name of virgin-bower,
And every hardy plant could bear
Loch Katrine’s keen and searching air.
~Sir Walter Scott – Lady of the Lake

This wild clematis grows just across the street, trailing over the fencing and sometimes climbing into the choke cherries and the locust tree. I have never seen the flowers; I’m not even sure what wild clematis flowers look like. However, every year I see the fluff of seeds; whorls of tails ready to fly off.  When they are green they are even more magical. Clematis or Virgin’s Bower, it’s a stunning autumn plant.


October 9th – Write 31 Days – Blue on Bleu

blue-on-blueI found these bachelor-buttons for the lapel of your gray coat. Come here while I draw the stems through the buttonhole. – Beckoning Trails by Emilie Loring

I couldn’t resist using a line from an Emilie Loring book, who as an author, describes fall so perfectly that it makes me ache to visit the Northeast. That being said, I can’t stress how much I love autumn here. A lot of flowers have fried from a nasty frost/freeze last week, so the flowers are limited to mums, bachelor buttons, calendula, asters and some yarrow.  The bachelor buttons always are so, so cheery in the fall, what with the blueish backgrounds and such. I love the clear color of the blue.


October 8th – Write 31 Days – Purple Aster

purple-astersI like asters, especially now that we have them all over our yard. They are one of the harbingers of fall and growing up going to the Sierra Nevada mountains, I would see them usually in September. Well, they start around the same time around here, and we usually only have the plain purple ones now. We had some Chinese Asters a few years ago and I have gorgeous photos of them as well, but lately the simple ones are so photogenic.


October 6th – Write 31 Days – Hoppy

hopsIt’s that hoppy time of year, when the hops turn from bright lime green to a buttery brown. Sticky and smelling of, well, hops. After having IPA’s and more hoppy beer, I can smell that smell when I squish a hops flower and smell the resin. The hops that are used for sleeping in herbal medicine. Hops for flavoring beer. It’s an interesting plant. And this year, the ants took over.  Soon the plant will turn brown and be pulled down; the vine that I wound so it would be a shrub.


October 5th – Write 31 Days – Frost is on the Pumpkins


The frost is on the pumpkins and the hay is in the barn,
and the walking man walks….
James Taylor – Walking Man

Oh my gosh, James Taylor’s Walking Man has got to be one of my favorite songs. I just love it so and this song is the epitome of fall to me.  In fact, James Taylor’s Greatest Hits album, minus the Steamroller song, is my go-to Autumn album. I have not heard it enough this season. A second favorite album this time of year is Art Garfunkle‘s Breakaway album.

Pumpkin season is here….


October 4th – Write 31 Days – Misted Mountains


The first three days of October have been misted over and rainy and the perfect start to October. Wait, just wait till I get to the James Taylor feelings. The days are coming. I love the mountains misted over. What you can’t see is that it snowed yesterday and the day before high up on the tips. A dusting at 6000 feet. Oh fall, you are here.


The sky is low, the clouds are mean,
A traveling flake of snow
Across a barn or through a rut
Debates if it will go.

A narrow wind complains all day
How some one treated him;
Nature, like us, is sometimes caught
Without her diadem.
Emily Dickinson

Side note…. I love Emily Dickinson. Like LOVE her. So finding this little one is so lovely and perfect for today.