Procrastination Moderation – Writing 101 Day 7

Ah, procrastination. My friend. I live with procrastination, and the internet is the main culprit to my issues with putting off writing. I am forever getting distracted by social media, ironically because I’m using social media as the platform to this post.  But it is something that is a part of me. I’ll never be able to lose the procrastination bug in me.

This would cause me serious procrastination

But does it kill creativity or is it essential. Personally, I think it is two-fold. It can kill it when you should be writing and you get so distracted you lose what you needed to say. That has been my problem in the past. I have something I need to write about, or look up for writing, and the distraction makes it so that I never get around to writing, so I lose the thought. Or idea.

But then, on the other hand, because I get distracted and put off writing, I can find some really cool things. Or see something out in life because I’m not writing. I think it’s good to have a happy balance to procrastination. If you have something you need to get done, do it. But if you are creating, sometimes not sitting down to write is a really good idea. Maybe going outside for a walk will inspire something that you might not have had had you been sitting at your computer writing away. Or if your creativity medium is something different, the same rule applies.

Basically, take everything in moderation. Even procrastination.



My Writing Space – Writing 101 Day 6

Where do I write.  It all depends on time of day, amount of distraction, amount of quiet, and whether or not I’m cold. I don’t actually have a place that’s specifically mine for writing, nor would I use it all the time if I had it.  Unless it was in my own personal office with all my books, and music, and couch setting. Like this

My ultimate writing room...

My ultimate writing room…

If I had that, I would never leave. I might even sleep in there. But right now I’m writing at the kitchen table while the news is on in the living room. Not ideal, but not as bad as being in the living room where I can’t focus at all. But right now the upstairs, where my room is, is too cold and uncomfortable because I haven’t been so good at keeping my desk clutter free to write.  And I have to write at home. I’ve tried to write at coffee shops and when I’m at the library, but I get so distracted by other things to look at or listen to, I never accomplish anything.

Sometimes I write with pen and paper, or notebook. My poetry has it’s own book and I like to write that with pencil. It’s easier to erase mistakes that way. When I write rapidly for novels and blogging, I don’t care how neat it is so I scratch out things and just keep going.

I like to write sitting against the wall in the kitchen where the heater sends up its warmth. I like writing in bed, usually late at night and half the time I get distracted. It all depends. I have to find time to write, though right now because of the time change, I can actually get writing done in the evening. A lot of writing. I have done so much writing in the past week and a half that it’s amazing I have not burned out.

I think if I had my own writing room, I’d have a hard time staying there because I like to see what people are doing. That is, unless I have a deadline I need to get something finished. If that’s the case, then I want quiet. I can’t even have music on. I tried music last night, and because it was Georgian chants and stuff that is similar, I was okay, but most of the time I can’t listen to music while I type. I need silence. I can’t have distractions. It can be aggrivating because I love music, but I listen to the lyrics and sometimes I just can’t find the write mix that won’t annoy me after a while.

So, part of this post is to direct you, dear reader, to my contact page. Because not everyone knows where it is.  If you look on any of my pages, in the right-hand column right under my sign up for the blog spot, there is my email address where you can reach me.  And then if you go to my About page, I have a contact form. You can reach me. And I do love to get any suggestions on what you would like to see. I can’t always go with the idea, but the ideas are helpful. So please, drop me a note. If you have tried to contact me in the past and I have not responded, it’s because I decided to have a different email address, then always forgot to check it. Bad idea. Really bad. So I apologize.

So let me know what you are interested in seeing more of.  Be it poetry, flash fiction, random unimportant posts…. Heck, even a theme.


Social Aspect of Talking To My Fictional Character – Writing 101 Day 5

Does talking to yourself in the voice of your fictional character count as being social?
Sometimes I get stuck inside my head and I don’t come out for days (Source: lovel-ylesbian)
So for Day 5’s assignment: hook ’em with a quote…… I had to use two because they fit together so perfectly.  I found my quotes on my Tumblr because I went through a thing where I posted all the quotes I liked in the month of February or March.  If you go here Daydream Writer’s Quotes you can see what I mean. There are a ton of great quotes there. Trust me.
So, is it really being social if you are talking to your characters?  Does it count if you are hearing several voices and listening in to their conversation?  I suppose it could be, if you are a slightly insane person, but at the same time, honestly, I’m not lonely that often. Oh sure, I would like to talk to people my age more often, and in person.  I would love to have a normal conversation with a real voice that isn’t some incarnation of my own. Again, that sounds really weird.
And I can get stuck in my head for days. Writing as I call it, but I’m sure others would just say it’s that daydreaming I’m known for. Can I help it if I find my characters vastly entertaining and interesting?  They rarely talk back and I kind of know them inside and out. It’s a strange feeling to know you get along with your own mind better than real people.  But it’s not that I would call myself an introvert. In fact, I think I’m much more of an extrovert. I love to be around people and I get a ton of inspiration from people. Sure, I can get stuck in my own head, but I find that also rather unhealthy too. I start over analyzing things if I am in my head.
I think writers are naturally in their own heads a lot of the time. How could they not be? They are forever creating and if we leave the confines of our mind, how do we create a world? It takes a lot of planning to create something from nothing.  I have actually sat there months after creating a character realizing that oops, that will not work if I want something else to happen.  I just did that the other day. I was trying to finagle one circumstance and it would not fit in my timeline. SO now I’m fudging one thing one way and ‘deleting’ another. I’m still not sure what I want to happen. And I’m terrible about writing it down, so it get’s filed in my brain under another folder.  I like to picture my brain like a library.  Something new goes into a different section.  I think Sherlock Holmes pictures his brain a certain way.  I vaguely remember it with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock.
But I do feel very kindly to my characters. And some of them are rather adorable and feel like a best friend.  We go for coffee and chat………   :P

Daffodils And Almond Cookies – Writing 101 Day 4 – Flash Fiction


He knocked on the door, the bouquet of daffodils bright and cheery in his fist while the day was dreary and wet with low slung clouds. He smiled brightly as she opened the door.

“Henry! Those are beautiful. Are they for me?” Narcissus asked and held open the door for Henry to enter.

Henry nodded and  slipped in the door, slipping off his rubber boots before he tracked in water onto her pristine floor.  He thrust out the bouquet and was relieved when Narcissus took the flowers from him and motioned for him to follow her.

“Would you like some cookies? I just baked some almond drop cookies.  And I can put on the kettle for some tea.”

Henry nodded again and trailed after her. He loved her house. It always smelled good, like her. Warm, sweet, and a little bit like vanilla.  She always had pretty flowers everywhere, but daffodils and narcissus were her favorites since they were her name.

“You’re quiet today, Henry.  What kind of tea would you like?” She asked as she reached up on a shelf in the kitchen for a square vase that was bright turquoise.

“Do you have the Woolong tea?” He asked and sat down in his favorite chair at her kitchen table. It faced the stove and he could watch her fix the tea.

The Oolong?” She clarified, and he nodded. “I do have that tea.  I just had a new tin arrive, so I’m dying to try it.  Why don’t you get the poppy teapot down.”

Henry grabbed the step stool and got the cream and red poppy teapot down from the top shelf and filled it with hot water from the kettle. He waited for the porcelain to heat then poured out the water. Narcissus scooped four teaspoons into the pot and Henry filled it again with almost boiling water. They worked together quietly and perfectly as they had been making tea together for a long time. As long as Henry could remember.

While the pot was steeping, she pulled out an eggplant colored bowl filled with crisp cookies that were covered in sliced almonds. They made Henry’s mouth water. She pulled out mix-matched plates and set them on the table next to the vase of daffodils.

Henry filled the creamer with milk and found the little spoons she liked to stir the tea, then she was pouring the tea into white cups. Henry leaned in and sniffed the steam, fogging his black glasses.  Narcissus laughed and he smiled.

She fixed her tea and he fixed his with just a little milk and a lump of sugar she dropped into his cup with the little tongs. She passed him the bowl of cookies and he took two.

“Now, Henry. Tell me how your days was.  Tell me what you learned in third grade today?”

“Okay, Aunt Narcissus,” Henry answered and took a bite of cookie before he started to tell her about the horrible fractions he was learning in school.


So the assignment for Day 4: a story in a single image.  This is actually an easy assignment for me to do because one of my favorite things to do is to take a picture and write about it. Any picture, though I didn’t really like any of the ones suggested with the assignment.  Fortunately they directed me to Unsplash where the pictures are completely free and high resolution. I urge you to take a look because license free images are not easy to find.

I do hope you enjoy this piece of flash fiction. I could have gone so many different ways with this, but as I wrote, I started picturing Timmy in The Sea is Blue where he goes to visit an older friend.  It’s one of my favorite books.  Sometimes I think I might make a good aunt.


One Word Prompts: Secret – Writing 101

5186_16e7I have secrets. I live with secrets. I’m filled with secrets. I love to keep secrets. I hate to keep secrets. Secrets are part of being a woman still living at home. Secrets are what make a writer considering we don’t have time, nor the inclination to discuss all of what is going on in our heads.

I exist sometimes on secrets. Things I have done that no one knows. Secrets I have shared with one person. Secrets of my own thoughts. I can’t share everything about me, nor do I want to, but when I have to, it’s very hard to keep a secret. Especially at Christmas or Birthdays. Then I feel like I need to explode.

In today’s prompt about a one word inspiration, there was a list of words to choose from, ‘Secret’ being the one I picked.   Then there was the suggestion :

If you like these one-word prompts, consider a Prompt Box: an offline well of inspiration that you can draw from on a rainy day. Andrea Badgley keeps prompts on slips of paper in a Chinese tea tin; I use an old jewelry box I bought from a market in Italy. In whatever vessel you choose, add slips of paper with single words, as we’ve practiced here. Short phrases work well, too.

I want to have jars of prompts. And jars of secrets. Jars of places I want to go. Jars of quotes  important to me. Jars of things I want to do with a man…. That’s where the secrets come in. A wish jar. Jars of wishes, hopes and dreams. Jars of secrets.

ce0623ea7abe8a8aebe6a5ba4384d8a0_2_largeIt sounds exotic and wonderful. A little bit sexy, a little bit naughty, and a whole lot of magical. Can you imagine if you, my reader could reach your hand into any one of these jars and pull out a slip and read what I had written? There would be all kinds of things you could find out. Thank goodness for my secrets.

My journal is filled with secrets. Things I would never tell anyone. My journal is dangerous and I would hate for it to get out. But at the same time, sometimes I wish I could share my secrets with someone. Ah, someday.

Secrets are a thing I like so much that I have several songs with the word in the title.  My favorite would be One Republic’s ‘Secrets’, and The Piano Guys cover of the same song.  Second favorite is Maroon 5’s ‘Secret.  That one. Whew… steamy.  But there are several others that have just hit me over the years.

One day I think I’ll have a row of apothecary jars filled with all my secrets. They will be lined up on a mirrored shelf, behind locked glass doors.  One can look and get a glimpse of the secret, but not the whole thing…..

A List Of Poems I Like – Writing 101 Day 2

Okay, so day two for the Writing 101 was ‘Make  a List’.  Well, let’s not waste time just writing a list, so here is a list poem, of sorts. Or my reasons for writing them.


Sonnet: why did I ever think I could write you?
Ode: Oh ode, must you be sad? No, but Keats did you best.
Haiku: So brief, you are full of life. Portable and almost cute.
Ballad: I can sing you when an artist makes you great.
Prose: Elegant, me, open and true. You are the best
Sonnet: Beautiful, you are so hard to achieve.
Ode: I could write you to everything and nothing.
Haiku: Your forms are small, execution is great.
Ballad: I can never write you properly, but you are epic.
Prose: My true self is in your form, but I forget you exist.
Poetry: You are who I am, but you are so hard to write sometimes…


I kind of like that.


Sonnets We Are Not – Or, My Attempt At Writing Them

I am dabbling in the PAD (Poem A Day) Chapbook Challenge for the Month of November. You can find the information over at Writer’s Digest, and you can see CB Wentworth tackle the month with Haiku’s.  I thought it sounded like something fun and a good challenge for me to work on sonnets.  Unfortunately I seem to be having issues with iambic pentameter. I can get the pentameter no problem, but iambic… whew. Turns out, I haven’t a clue how to write that way. I have not been writing sonnets, but mixing trochee, spondee, dactyl, anapaest, and iambic all together. Sigh. It does not make a sonnet. So there I am on Youtube attempting to make sense of unstressed and stressed words. For those who don’t know, iambic means one unstressed and one stressed.  I’m sort of getting it. Kind of. (not really) Argh!

However, while I’m not succeeding fully, I have semi sonnets. Lacking true Iambic Pentameter but almost there. Here are two that I wrote so far.  The first one deals with the ‘day after’, in whatever form you want. I kind of want to go back and do a day after Halloween, or Christmas, or some event. The other one is prompted with Once Upon A ______ (blank). Due to my love of the show, I went with Once Upon A Time (ABC)  Sue me. I’m a girl.

So take a look. I hope you enjoy. I’m really working on this metre thing.  I hope to have it down by the end of the month

The Morning After

It is the day after, look at the mess
I have made things more cluttered than need be
In a moment of lust losing that dress
To hopes and dreams and things that can’t be

It was a wicked night full of things too full
A night of passions running wild and high
We threw caution to the wind with a pull
The sheets landed on the floor a kiss and sigh

Now I stare down at you in sweet repose
A frisson of delight tangles me more
I want to stay here in your arms enclose
Not leaving the delight we had before

But it’s the morning after of reckless
And you won’t stay here to pick up the mess.

Once Upon a Time Ago

Once upon a time it was long ago
When a lady came to a town in Maine
The clock tower stood silent ever slow
And the sheriff was a huntsman arcane

A mayor with an evil side of darkness
A woman lost in teaching in the school
A man who lost his mind in suddenness
A town so full of sad and grim and blue

She is the savior for whom we foretold
In the books they knew her name and story
Now we hold her to break the curse twofold
And bring us into hope with the glory

But darkness lurks in every page turned
This story is best in the lesson learned

Why I Write – Writing 101

My review is the third paragraph. I am so thrilled and wowed, and kind of jazzed my name is in a magazine

My review is the third paragraph. I am so thrilled and wowed, and kind of jazzed my name is in a magazine

This past summer, I wrote a review for the Persephone books Classic, The Home-Maker by Dorothy Canfield-Fisher.  It took me entirely too long to read the book()because of just me, not the book) and write a review.  But I sent in my review, back in August and I just received my Persephone biannual. In the section  Our Bloggers Write, my review, or at least a part of it, was included with other reader’s words. This is why I write. Not for accolades, though those are always nice, but I want a voice. I want my voice to be heard. I have connected with other authors from reviews I have written, which is great. I love being able to talk to other published writers. Sometimes I feel like they are in this other realm of writing that I might never reach, but then I have to remember that they are just people as well.

Last night reading the same biannual as above, the list of events for Persephone Books was listed and one caught my attention so much so that I had to write about it in my journal. This is what I said: ” I was reading the back of the Persephone Biannual where the events were listed, and  there is this event on November 28th where they will be “selling our books beside the fire at the Christmas Fair.” And boom! I was transported to the smell of snow, the sounds of children singing Carol of the Bells, and the Harry Potter/Columbia[California]/British Christmas feel. Like it was time to start decoration and reading books with a Christmas theme in them. Suddenly You comes to mind first…”  The book mentioned is by Lisa Kleypas, a favorite romance writer of mine. Please do not judge that I like cheesy romance books. Oh the horror that I don’t read just literature.  But it’s getting on the Holiday season and I want to read about it, and write about it. I have a piece of flash fiction I did a couple years ago that has a Christmas theme, and I’ve wanted to expound on it for years. There is something so delightful about having a Christmas vibe to a piece of fiction. You can read two of my holiday pieces below.

A Christmas Dance    (I was channeling Emilie Loring when I wrote this) and Eve and Noel – Flash Fiction

This is why I write, above that is. I write because I will read something and I see a scene. I see a picture and there is a story behind it. I watch a bird take flight and I’m remembering my childhood and mentally writing a children’s story to something as simple and small as an acorn  in a bird’s beak.  I am forever having ideas pound, pound, pound in my head. For years I daydreamed, not knowing what to do with all the thoughts crashing around in my head. I didn’t have an outlet because I hated writing in school. I didn’t understand how to get a story out. I remember one instance where I was supposed to write a story about a monkey and instead I wrote a mini paper. It was a frustrating time. Writing was always frustrating until I Mrs. B found a new method of teaching me to write.  It was a ‘boom’ moment where suddenly it made sense. But even then, in my teenage years, while I would write hoping to write like Emilie Loring, I didn’t write constantly. I semi dabbled in it, spending more time reading.  It wasn’t until I hit 18 that I really started to write. Nothing really good, though Rena, my heroine still has her book, but it has changed drastically from the beginning.

I never knew what to do with all those thoughts floating around in my head. What does a child who hates to write, do with all those thoughts in her head.  If I could go back I would teach the inner me that it’s okay to write whatever you want in a journal and it does not have to be a day to day account of what you did. I would talk about what Susan Wooldridge said in her book about a journal.  Gah, if I had  Poemcrazy back when I started really writing, maybe life would have made a whole lot more sense.

I read constantly. Books, books, and more books are my world. I cannot get enough books. And I read good books and consume the words and the styles and the stories. I envy  writers who write something that I know I will never be able to write. I eat books that have a story that hits me in my chest and I walk around in a mental daze for days reliving the magic that has whirled me off into another world. I rarely think of books as another world or door I open and enter, but the minute I open the pages of a book I love, I have the image in my head. I can imagine the scene just so, and certain books I have read over and over, my initial image is still there. I read Emilie Loring’s and the image is always the same. So I read to meet those characters again.    I write to see if I can be as good as these writers. Writers I respect and admire. I want to be as good as them. I want some of the qualities of how they write. I read some books and think to myself “gah, I wish I could write that way.” Of course, I really don’t want to write just like them. I want my own voice. Which I do have. And because I read so much, I feel I have several voices, several writer’s voices in my head telling me how to write. The one I hate the most is Stephen King’s voice as he is forever telling me to cut the adverbs. Damn Stephen King.

And recently I have to keep remembering Anne Lamott telling me to shut those voices (mostly characters) up. Tell them to be quiet so I can write. So many voices in my head. No, I am not crazy. Maybe some schizophrenic people just need to write to quiet the voices….. Writing this I worry that someone might think I’m crazy, but other writers know.

People that do not write don’t get all of this. I don’t expect them to. I watch my father when I go off on a tangent or daydream and sometimes he just stares at me like I’m out in left field. I might be. I might actually be on the cliffs of England wondering what the sea spray is like.  You might never know, because five minutes ago I could have been in the Sierra Nevadas with Tyler and Phaedra as they are driving up the Sonora Pass…. (they are both characters as well……) Or I might have just killed off my character with Chocolate Pudding.

This is why I write.


Continuing On – Day No. 32 Finished

My Write 31 Days list that is a little messy.

My Write 31 Days list that is a little messy.

Why did I think I could get by without another post this weekend? Seriously, I hadn’t thought of a recap post at all. Not sure why I didn’t, but then I’m not one to carry something on when I’m done. When I’m done, I’m done.  So recapping the month of October is a new thought to wrap my head around. But it’s a good thing.

So, I started off the month with plans to write about feminine things and I managed to keep the theme going clear through the end. Yes, there were some days where there was only a quote or a short-ish post. Several posts where I wondered why I was even writing because I wasn’t saying anything someone couldn’t find out by Binging it. I didn’t add in any new advice or new information. It was mostly a month of personal posts, things I found I liked and so forth.

But at the same time, I hope you, my readers, my dearies (sorry, I’m still channeling Rumpelstiltskin from OUAT) enjoyed what I had to say.  I honestly think my poetry was a little more exciting, but at the same time, it was fun all around to dabble in a theme.  Last year I had more of a random month of just, well, randomness. There wasn’t a specific theme to stick to, so in a sense, it was easier.  This year, I had to make sure what I was writing related to women. I had several things I wanted to write about that were not women related, so I put them on the back burner, and promptly forgot about them. Short attention span, I guess. If I can’t remember it, then I must not have really needed to write about it.

I did struggle as I wrote, some days not writing till late evening and I felt kind of guilty. I wanted to stick with the writing every single day and not skipping. I stressed a little about ‘checking the box’ for writing that day. I wasn’t worried about post length or even originality too much, but I did stress over writing ever single day. It wasn’t until I mentioned this on the Facebook group page for the Write 31 Days community that someone told me not to worry. And the person that said that was Crystal Stine herself, the moderator and head girl in charge this year for the challenge.

This is what she said: “Just so you know, writing in advance or using quotes isn’t cheating smile emoticon it’s how I did a lot of my series and I love that you stuck with the goals you set for yourself. I just don’t want anyone else to think they did it “wrong” if they scheduled their posts smile emoticon My favorite part, personally, has been all the creative and unique ways everyone found to complete the challenge – there is no “right way” to blog and it was fun seeing what worked for everyone!”

This was so incredibly helpful. I am cutting myself some slack, and I am going to take a little mental break. I am going to listen to what else she said in her Periscope that I can watch on a video she uploaded Here.  I like that she says to rest. I seriously need to.

I had been feeling a little weird about the writing towards the end of the month. Partly because some of my ideas had flown out the window at the last moment, and other ideas came because I finally pulled up my Firefox Pocket (a cool app on Firefox that allows you to ‘pocket’ links to articles so you don’t have to save millions of bookmarks. Yeah, because I need to read all those things I have no time for)  But that is where I came up with the post on what women need to know. I had the article floating around in there.

So, in conclusion, this was a fast month that flew by and I wrote more religiously than any other time. It felt good. It felt stressful, and it left me wanting to continue. Just like I want to continue on with more poetry, but haven’t made time for.  I decided a week and a half ago to sign up with The Daily Post‘s new Blogging U course. I believe it is Writing 101.  It runs from November 2 through the 27, I believe. Writing every day to keep the ideas going. While I might not stay with all the suggestions, I will try to take time to work on all the things I need and want to work on. I have several children’s book ideas floating around in my head, from female carpenter bees that only go to purple flowers (of course, because they are purple!) to Blue Jays as being the re-foresters of the world (what with all their acorn placement) I have novels I have started and let idle along. I have a short story that needs submitting to Readers Digest…. or other literary magazines.

I have a house that needs a serious de clutterization. No that is not a word, but it works. I also call it deleting. I need to delete things from my life.

So November promises to be a busy month. I will rest though, like Crystal said. I don’t want to get burned out, but at the same time, I want to keep going. I do know some serious correspondence letters are in my future. Jules needs a letter. As to others.

On a side note, some of my favorite posts this month were:



What were your favorite posts? Anything that stuck out? Anything you would like to see in the coming year? I don’t normally ask my readers what they would like to see, but I would love some input. What do you like to read about? Tell me in the comments section below and I will seriously consider it.

Thank you for spending this month with me.


A Modern Day Audrey Hepburn – Day No. 31

I don’t usually dress up for Halloween, though I did last year.  This year I was inspired by Audrey Hepburn, and I had the shoes and a new hair style I’m trying to do it with.  I call this a Modern Day Audrey because who ever saw Audrey in a Batman t-shirt? Sometimes you just have to modernize something. But classic is still classic.

modern audreyI’m finally done with the Write 31 Days, and it feels a little strange to be done. But at the same time, by the 2nd of November, I have another writing challenge for the Month that will keep me going. I am a sucker for punishment… or good writing practices.  So onwards. And have a safe, Happy Halloween. One day I shall do an Emma Swan out to find her Killian Jones….

Just a bit of Once Upon a Time mentions… Cause I’m hooked.