Smoke Scent Mornings

It’s the hint of sulfur and magnesium that tickle my nose in the mornings. The sharp pine scent, the waves rippling on the shore of the lake. But it’s the smell of a fire being started in a stove, that ‘sweet’ fire smell I associate with the mountains, that always brings me home. I feel most at home in the mountains. There is something that calls me more than I can explain to anyone. While I love the Bay and living in San Francisco, I crave the mountains more than the ocean. I can’t explain it, especially to anyone I work with, though Phaedra understands it best. Even she doesn’t understand it as well though. She likes the city. I like the quiet. I feel I live in the wrong place. Like people always say they living in the wrong century, or time period? For me it’s mostly the location. Location is everything. If it wasn’t so, why do they always talk about it with businesses?

I have always wanted to own a cabin on Pinecrest. Call it a crazy dream. Call it a fantasy. Call it a thing to add to a dream board. But clearly it can happen. If my sister, my baby sister, can marry a man who owns a cabin on this very specific lake, then why can’t I dream of it as well? I mean, yeah, she’s pretty darn lucky to have met Roger, but it’s not impossible. Roger could have a charming brother. He doesn’t. But he could.

I started this book about Pinecrest Lake a couple years ago, taking a book I love and massively tweaking the storyline to be how I would have rather it had gone. This is just a little blip of thought I started typing the other night when I smelled wood smoke, and the smell of a lit match…


2 thoughts on “Smoke Scent Mornings

  1. Me too! I’m from the hills but I lived in a busy, polluted, fast-moving city for four years until it became unbearable and I realised for the first time how lovely and healing the hills are. I moved back this Feb and began writing a story with a hilly, conifer-draped backdrop, quite literally.
    Which book do you talk about? I’m curious. 🙂

    • Tidewater Lover by Janet Dailey. I love her books, but I was always a little irked with how she wrote that book even though it’s a favorite. I always thought, Hey, I could do it better. Lol, as it is only half a fantasy and maybe one chapter in. It really does help to be in the conifer-draped (I love that descriptor) forest and have that as a backdrop. I love living in the mountains and I can’t imagine it any other way!

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