The Walk-in of Forgetfulness and Therapy – Day 13

I’ve seen memes and jokes online about the walk-in being the portal to forgetfulness and it’s true! So many times you walk in there and you completely forget what it is that you were going for, as you see this that needs downsizing, and that on the wrong shelf…. or that right there, “Ooo, you need that! But what did I come in here for?….”





The walk-in is also a fairly soundproof vent box. Conversations, scream sessions, cool downs, various activities you want to not be heard….. All on the up and up, mind you. Wow, that sounded incredibly dodgy there. It’s not. Okay, well there have been a few dodgy conversations where things should have been said in the open but the person talking was a bit underhanded in how they handled situations…..

I go in there when I need a moment to step back from the craziness of the kitchen. I’ll reorganize something, or find things that need to be downsized. Someone who works in the kitchen, I won’t say who, goes in there and makes a hella lotta banging and sort of sounds like bowling for buzzards or serious tossing around of big things in there. When they are in the walk-in, I stay out, unless there is a serious bang. Then I might walk over, open the door and ask if everything is okay.

Just to illustrate

It usually is. Just something is not organized to the right standards.

Or a keg or ten is  in the way. Or boxes need to be tossed out. Or things just need to be banged around. It’s a grand frustration get out of technique.

Screaming is good, too. I wrote about it yesterday at my writing group when I really had zero inspiration due to dead tiredness.



Steel Box of Forgetfulness
Let me talk a moment to scream
I could go into the woods for a while
because you know that old adage
if a tree falls…
So who would hear a scream>
Just a little venting
let the steam billow out, like a dragon.
It’s shorter to just step in the walk-in
A metal soundproof box, most of the time
plus I probably need something from there.
Or need to organize something.
But a moment into the woods sounds so much better.
Let the sound escape.
Float upwards instead of being confined.
But again, I probably need something
from that steel box of forgetfulness
and I’m sure with tickets piling up
I don’t have time to race up to the trees.
Pardon me fro a moment….


So anyways. The walk-in was relatively neat last night. It usually can be on a Saturday night as we have usually sold a lot of dishes…. It is what it is.  And by Tuesday, it will get all filled up again with the produce order. And me screaming to make things fit…