Whoops Moments – Day 4

Sometimes whoops moments happen. I haven’t had too many, but when I do them, the irk me. The time I burned the champagne glaze. That one sent me off sobbing into the walk in, sure I was doomed. I had a coworker asking me if I was going to be okay, I said no, and to send Chef into the walk in to find me. Lucifer came in instead, which at the time was fine because I really needed a hug. It was all okay, but I felt horrible.

This last week was a moment of whoops. I managed to spill an entire Cambro of vegetable stock in the walk in. Five gallons of stock all over the walk in. And it was at the end of the night when I was trying to clean and put away a last few things in the walk in. It was one of those moments where I was so pissed at myself. Yeah, accidents happen, but when you are tired, it’s not fun.

So there I am with a bus tub and bar mops and a boatload of stock to mop up. And a stupid walk in where it is sloped towards the door, not the drain. Go figure. On the flipside, the walk in was the cleanest it’s been in a while. I think the stock etched the surface free of grease. And as Chef said, it was just water and scraps.

At least it wasn’t a bottle of champagne…..


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