Knives – Day 2

L to R : Kuma, Misono, Glestain. I love the bear logo of the Kuma and that knife is a powerhorse

My knives are my babies. I have three now. I started off with a house knife that I made my own with shoe duct tape. But then I coveted Lucifer’s knife. Here’s the story behind that knife.

My Glestain, properly edged and sharpened to a high, glossy, razor-sharp edge. Deadly…

Supposedly Lucifer’s girlfriend gave him the knife. A Glestain Gyutou knife. This knife costs a pretty penny and it is gorgeous.  Well, he was using it at work and I loved how it fit my hand and I loved the ‘blue’ detailing….. it was blue painter’s tape at the time, but once the tape was off, I still loved the knife. I had plans to buy one myself.  I always kind of wanted Lucifer’s, partly because it was his and I thought he was a darling, but that was not why I really wanted the knife. I liked the knife. A lot. Unbeknownst to me, Lucifer sold the knife to the current chef of the time. I was so bummed because had  I known he was going to sell it, I would have bought it off of him. I told the chef that if he ever wanted to sell it, I wanted first dibs. He thought it was because I had a thing for Lucifer, but no, it was mostly because I loved the knife.

A month or so goes by, I have currently broken two knives at work, paid to replace one of those, become known as “the knife breaker”,  and now own a Misono that is nice, but still not the knife I want. Note to self and anyone else out there: Don’t drop good knives on a red tile floor. And don’t use the chef’s new knife on acorn squash.  Out of nowhere the chef finally decides he doesn’t want the Glestain. I had a feeling he would sell it at some point and was holding out. Sure enough, I was able to buy the knife because Lucifer, while wanting the knife, couldn’t purchase it back at the time.

This knife, the Glestain has created so much havoc within the kitchen with Lucifer because we were a thing. I think he thought the knife was his and that at some point I would give it back to him. Maybe had he treated me with some respect and actual caring, and not lying his ass off to me, I might have, but the knife became a power thing within the kitchen. When I had it, Lucifer coveted it and always tried to borrow it or ‘boo hoo hoo’ say he didn’t have the funds for a new knife. When he borrowed it, I was forever feeling like the knife wasn’t in the safest of hands, especially after I found out that he had no clue how to sharpen a knife he was suddenly  telling me he’d had for 8 years. Girlfriend gave it to you, hmm?

Finally,  I wouldn’t let him  anywhere near the knife. Turns out he was sharpening a Japanese knife equally, when it should have been a 70/30 type sharpening. These knives are very specific to the angle. Both my Misono and Glestain knives are styled in the Japanese way. Well, for being a ‘chef’ Lucifer needs to learn a few things.

Recently, I just had my two babies resharpened and put back to factory standards. There is no way in heck I would ever give up my ‘Lucifer’ knife. I love that baby to its full extent. I have used it off and on recently and I just adore the knife. My knives are an extension of my work. They are something that centers me when I am in the kitchen. When I get to work and I have something that requires me to pull one of them out, it’s this release of breath that just calms me. Even if I’m stressed about how much prep there is and such. My knives are a part of me. (so of course they are pretty)

I also have a lovely inexpensive, really decent knife, per Coffeeman’s suggestion. At $23 on Amazon, the Kuma has been a delightful knife.

There are now three Kuma’s in the kitchen. Coffeeman, Will Turner, and me. Hence the blue heel. Gotta mark it somehow that it’s mine. You can also see the lovely silver heel of the Glestain. It’s one sexy knife. Trust me.

And I have had people ask me why as a pastry chef I need knives…. well, I’m not just a pastry chef. That’s why. And even pastry chef’s cut things. Butter, lemons, cake, pies, dou

gh… If there is one question that really irks me is that question. I need knives. Please don’t insult me and ask why I would ever need expensive knives.

Now be careful… because I know how to use them, and they are deadly sharp…