Stainless Silence – Day 1

An empty stainless space.

Currently, every Tuesday I enter a silent kitchen that is quiet and left all  for my little lonesome self. Well semi lonesome because I always get visitors. I enter a space that is super clean after being deep cleaned on Sunday night. It’s shiny. It’s pure stainless clean.

Everything is in its place and I have free range of all countertops to start baking and making. I get to enjoy the entire space to myself. It’s freedom. It’s confinement, as I make it a semi challenge to not spread out too much like I would normally do. It’s fun. It’s hard. It’s amazing responsibility.

I have written poems about the stainless and cleaning and perfection of a quiet kitchen, either first in the morning or last out at night. There is peace in the opening and the shutting down.

It is definitely Stainless Silence.