Musicals are for Girls? – Day 2

My Fair Lady (film)

My Fair Lady (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I put that title in a question as I know most girls like musicals, but really they are for anyone. I was talking to a man a while ago and he spit out something from My Fair Lady. So no, it’s not just for girls, but I’d say, on the whole, there are very few girls/women who don’t know one musical….. or more, and can sing something out from them.

Disney is to blame for me loving musicals, and there will be another whole post on Disney tunes, later this month. But when you start at age 2 seeing your first musical, they kind of just ingratiate themselves into your life. I actually didn’t see My Fair Lady until I was in my late teens, which is honestly just a shame. If I had a daughter, I would have had her see it when she was about 6 or so. Maybe not, it’s a long film.

From Singing in the Rain to Grease, Moulin Rouge, Mama Mia, Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera (which falls under the heading of opera as well) White Christmas, The Sound of Music, The Music Man…. and that’s just to name a few of the ones I know I’ve seen. I know, it’s a small list. But musicals have shaped my music life. Out of nowhere I can break into song from any one of those… Grease came out the other night for some reason or other. Not sure why.

My Fair Lady is probably the most ‘quoted’ sung musical in my repertoire, though Chicago’s Cell Block Tango spits out a lot when we are talking about things dying… or murder. Trust me, anything with a really catchy tune will stick in my head. Murder just makes it a bit more fun, especially when you can get all emphatic and nearly spit out “he had it coming….”

I’m not sure what it is in particular that make musicals a necessity in my life, but there is something about a song that is telling a story that ingratiates itself into your head and you find yourself pulling it up and blurting it out, usually at the top of your voice, at the most random moments. I actually find plenty of moments to do it and the joke around my house is “oh gosh now that song is stuck in my head!” (to which the reply is, “I can fix that, want something worse?” Trust me, there is always something worse. We have two backup standby ‘worse’ songs that get pulled up all the time. Natasha Bedingfield’s “I Got A Pocketful of Sunshine” and Bill Nighy singing “Christmas Is All Around” from Love Actually…. You’re welcome! )

There are lots more other musicals I’ve yet to see (and by see, I mean film) but my list is growing. The ‘Mikado’ is first on the list, since my mother can sing several songs from that and I’ve yet to actually listen to one…

West Side Story, South Pacific, Les Miserables, and I just pulled up the Wikipedia article and realized I’ve seen a heck of a lot more than I thought, and there is a LOT more I want to see….. Here, List of Musical Films by Year  Start having fun with that list…

Yes, musicals have definitely shaped my musical life.

So what are some of your favorite musicals of all time?