The Dog -Eared Snapshots

old photo weary.jpgI’ve been rushing around trying to write more poetry and discard this and that from my manuscript. I chucked most of my sonnets because I felt they didn’t fit, which in turn, dropped my poetry count from 52 to only 40. I was pretty discouraged as I did that, realizing that I had to figure out more poems to add. Then I started typing up some poetry from the last few Saturday writing groups. I got a couple I really like, and in turn, I also found the title of my manuscript!  Exciting things. Due to one poem with a line in it I really like, I came up with Dog-Eared Snapshots. I’m really happy with the title and the poem. Though technically the poem isn’t done because my writing group said to not edit the poem, I did and I like the edited version better because it has a rhyming scheme.

Oh well, you can’t please everyone, but I do want to get some input from a couple friends first. But I have a title. Now to just get quite a few more poems. I keep stressing about the manuscript, worrying I’m not good enough. And stressing that I won’t get it all ready in time for September, what with how fast the summer is already advancing. But each new poem brings one more sigh of relief. Whew! One more down.

So onward adding to the dog-eared manuscript. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Dog -Eared Snapshots

  1. Omg how can you “not be good enough!”
    It’s funny isn’t it everyone doubts themselves… from Mozart, Micheal Angelo Steve jobs & us ! No matter who you are !
    It must be Human nature to never feel good enough… Well I think it must all stop as I think it’s a female thing. I compare myself ALL the time yet my hubby NEVER does.
    Let us all stop doing that …..
    PS. I think your fabulous and I LOVE that photo x

    • Paula, you always give the best encouragement. It’s always a good reminder that other ‘greats’ doubted themselves, and also incredibly encouraging to hear your husband doesn’t compare himself, all those little reminders. So glad you love the photo. Thank you Pinterest. From one fabulous person to another. Thank you

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