Guest Posts Are Like Crocheting A Present

oliver-thomas-klein-207908Just this last week I wrote a guest post for Patti, who is writing the biography of my favorite author, Emilie Loring. You can read my guest post here. Guest Post: I Became a Writer Because of Emilie Loring.

I have only written two guest posts in my blogging life. It’s not that I don’t like writing guest posts, but I actually usually avoid them because they are like when I crochet a present for someone. How you ask?

Well, see when I write for my blog, I am not always grammatically correct and I throw in fragments and quirky writing. But when I am writing a guest post, I sit there and try to revert back to my high school English. Or at least to the best of my remembrance of the rules. Language was never my strong suit and I never really liked it. Ironic as I am a writer.

So I try to make a post as neat and tidy as possible. To which you are asking why this is like a crochet project.

When I am crocheting a something for someone, I am worried about every little stitch and have been known to take out entire rows because I missed one stitch that I could easily add in later, but to me it’s obvious. If it were something for myself, I might fudge it. But for a gift, it had better be pretty darn neat and tidy.

Same applies to guest posts. I like to be grammatically correct and sound like a writer. My writing gets messy and goes all over the place. Oh sure, I go back and clean things up for a lot of writing, but not always with a blog post. Sometimes I let a typo slip. Or I don’t worry if something rambles on. Now that I use Grammarly, it kind of warns me when I’m getting really messy, and sometimes I take its suggestion, but I still like to let my writing show me. I am a cluttered person and my thought process is very strange sometimes, but it is me.

That guest post is like standing on stage and straightening your skirt and making sure your hair is smoothed down. You want to like slightly presentable.

But I still enjoy doing a guest post here and there. Haha, my two! How do you feel about guest posting?  Or how do you feel about others guest posting for you? I’ve never asked someone to write a guest post. I always feel a little protective of my blog so I’ve been afraid to ask someone to guest post for me. Maybe I need to step out of my comfort zone.


2 thoughts on “Guest Posts Are Like Crocheting A Present

  1. I’m grinning, because I am a little bit famous in my family–that is, with my daughter–for proofreading even casual emails several times before sending. Then, as soon as I hit “send,” I open it up to see how it will look to the receiver and read it yet again! Yes, a little over the top. 🙂 Nevertheless, I’m delighted that you wrote a guest blog for The Emilie Loring Collection! You seemed smack dab IN your element, and your post is getting great responses. That’s the most important part. We write to communicate, and when we see that we’ve touched someone’s heart or mind or memory, we can feel pleased. You’re there.

    • I try to do that as well, and many times I’ve gone back to reread sent emails and hate that I’ve found a typo! It’s not over the top. I really hate when I send one friend an email because he will usually correct me. Thank you for giving me the option of writing a post. I tried not to stress about what I was writing about (something I commonly do) and just write. It felt natural and well, you are so gracious always. I love that I can touch someone somehow or someway. It makes it feel worthwhile. Just having you enjoy it is pleasure enough. 🙂

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