PAD Day 14 – Time out – Three time out poems

Stop the Presses

Stop the presses!
stop, Stop, STOP!
Now let’s take a moment
and shut down the machines
and make sure the story’s
just so.
No, I don’t need another
useless ad
but let’s let those stories
meld and think a bit
before the ink jams
onto the paper and we
can’t erase the noise
noise NOISE!
All that useless noise
everyone making a fuss.
Did you ever stop to think
that maybe that story
isn’t as important
as all the noise makes
it out to be?
So let’s just stop a minute
and let it muddle and meld
and maybe we might actually
have something good to print.


Take a Time Out Writing

Give me your pens and paper and go drink your cup of coffee
Because you need a break from writing
Your words are getting muddled and mixed
And your eyes are turning red.
You need to let it all go, and take a break instead.
Your stories won’t disappear, even though you think they might,
because your words are all there, always waiting to get out.
It’s okay to take a moment to not think.
Just inhale the rich smell of coffee and watch the steam rise.
Or maybe we should just make you a cup of tea.
Sit in the sun and stare out the window
and dream of new worlds you could write about tomorrow.
Because tomorrow is another day and you will have your words
to play back then. So don’t worry now. Just drink your drink
and dream your dreams and take a time out from writing.


Dating Out

I need a break, a timeout, a moments peace
from the thought of dating and boys and flawed men.
I’m disgusted with the whole sex, at least right now,
except for those ones that are sexy as hell
who live in books and know a thing or two.
They are the ones that know what they are doing,
and how they are going, and just living.
The real ones leave me guessing.

I could keep going on with this time out thing. Clearly I need a time out from a lot of things.The first poem came because sometimes whether it’s news or whatnot, we just need to stop. Stop from it all. And sometimes I need to stop writing. And I need to de-stress about boys. Men. Dating. Or lack of.

I could have timed out a lot of things. I feel like I need to keep going, but we’ll keep it to three. 🙂 So nice of me.