“I’m very afraid of dying.” – Flash Fiction

Just a little piece I wrote in today’s writing group. I had the prompt of Bossa Nova, mulberry, and page 157 which in Paul Coelho’s book , The Devil and Miss Prym, gave me the title of the piece.

The atmosphere of the room is smoky and dim as he sits in the worn leather chair sipping a glass of port. The port is aged and thick. Richer than mulberry jam spread on toast. The rich sounds of a bossa nova song come crackling out of the old speakers. The crackle is either from the scratched record or the ancient stereo. Who knows, and nobody cares. The music needs the static to tone down the oppressive beat, the trumpets hitting too high a note here and there.
“I’m very afraid of dying,” he says conversationally, to no one in particular.
The younger man, sitting opposite him sipping his whiskey eyes him with an arched brow.
“You are going philosophical? How much port have you had?” the young man asks. He’s not really young, but forty to his sixty seems practically juvenile.
“Phil, when you get to be my age, you’ll get it,” the man says.
“And what brought this on?” asks Phil.
The man sighs. Even he’s not sure. Maybe he has had too much port. Or maybe seeing his friend go through so many treatments only to waste away until nothing is left but skin and bones and pain and sorry. Till your mind gives up and one day you just don’t wake up.
Phil can’t understand. He’s never had to lose someone. Never hardly been sick.
Just wait till your sixty, thinks the man. Heck, wait till you’re fifty and you can’t get out of bed each morning without everything hurting. No, young people just don’t get it.


My parents always talk about how when you reach fifty it’s all down hill.  Boris said he felt it at 48. Honestly, at times I feel like I’m already feeling it, but I am dreading getting older. And other than that, this is just something that came out of the prompts. Nothing more.



2 thoughts on ““I’m very afraid of dying.” – Flash Fiction

  1. great use of prompts..but getting older is wonderful..minus the physical stuff..as human’s we start with baby rashes..kids losing teeth..teens hormones, periods..childbearing..menopause..these bodies never stop chaffing and changing! if one is in pain then aging sucks but I feel better emotionally and so young inside…but with wisdom and experience..and it’s all about attitude….thanks for being the keeper of the key…

    • I think about the only time I worry about the getting older is the pain, or losing friends/family, etc, but other than that, age is just a number. I think age effects me more when I’m around people that are always complaining about being old. Boris, while he’s 53 now, lives like tomorrow is his last day. Nothing stops this man except major bodily injury, which has happened a LOT since I’ve known him. I’ve known him for 5-6 years in which he has had two car crashes, broken wrist, broken leg, fractured wrist, punctured lung, a stint, a golf ball hit his jaw and all of his teeth pulled out, and I think there might be one more thing. This man is like a total rule breaker…. Well, it’s not a bad way to live. Slightly dangerous…
      You are welcome for being Lady Key Keeper. 🙂

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