PAD Day 7 – Urban – Urban Country Girl

Urban Country GirlCountry Girl

Stand me out on Fifth Avenue
dressed to the nines in heels so high
And a short skirt poofed out
But I have a wicked pocket knife
tucked into my purse.
I know how to butcher a pig
though my hands are girly
with a pretty pink manicure
and a couple flashy rings.
I’m a country girl in a city package
or maybe it’s the other way around
as I live in jeans and boots
mucking out the chicken coop.

The mountains call me home
but stick me in the city, I’m fine
till I’m bored from stale air
the song of birds replaced by horns.
I’m adaptable and ready for dirt or sidewalks.
Here in the country I’m more city than not
being mocked for being prim in a rural town.
Clearly I’m a priss walking down asphalt
country roads in flashy heels on a summer day.
In the city I’m country all the way, as I wear boots
not tennis shoes, those worthless things.
I want sturdy and strong walking the streets.
Give me the rural roads, give me the traffic lights
I’m an urban girl in a country world
or a country girl in the city life.
Country or city I’m me all the way.

I had fun with today’s prompt of Urban (blank).  I could have gone so many ways, and I might want to play around with this more, but my first thought was how I grew up for part of  my life in the Bay Area of CA, and then the central valley of CA. I’ve lived in the city, and my parents are from there. So I know the city more than if I had grown up in the country all of my life. And I’m proud of the fact that I can adapt to the city. That being said, I have some country habits now that I would have never had had I grown up in  an urban setting that is either good or bad depending on how you look at them. I love to wear boots and jeans. I tend to pick that most  often, probably because wearing a dress on a farm is unreasonable. I love heels, but choose sturdier things more often than not, and I rarely walk to town in heels anymore. (blisters) But give me the chance to step out all dressed up in lace and frippery and I love it.

I love knowing how to slaughter an animal or two, or how to fix things with hammers, bailing wire and pliers. I don’t carry a pocket knife because it’s cool. I do it because it’s a necessity when you never know if you are going to have to cut something.