PAD Day 3 – Three’s Have It

I have so much more I want to write about ‘three’s’.  I was thinking about the song Two of Hearts from Stacy Q, and then I was thinking about how everything comes in threes? Why is it always threes?  Why not fives? I get odd numbers. Things are so strange if you do it in even numbers because you can split it up perfectly. I can’t explain it, but it makes more sense to do an odd number, but why three?

So I might dabble with more three poems today. It’s perfect since it is April 3rd.

But for now, here is PAD Day three:

Three’s Have It

Three’s Company and three’s a crowd
And this is all we have
For three coins in a fountain make a wish
Always make me laugh
Then the three knocks on the wall
If the company is bad
So the fish begins to rot
This number three is sad.
So why are things good and bad
in threes they seem to come
from luck to wishes
to genies and jinns
and three charms are done.

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