Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge – Day 1

Hello, April 1st. Hello, April Fool’s Day, which for me means a nasty cold.  April Fool’s came a bit early happening on Monday, but here on Friday, I still feel lousy. Thank you, April. What a great way to start the month…. insert sarcasm.

But on a happier note, today marks the start of Writer’s Digest April PAD (Poem a Day) Challenge. I did November’s PAD Chapbook challenge, and I thought I would try out April being a little more free form. I’m not going to purposely do sonnets, though if the inspiration strikes me, I might break out into iambic pentameter. Stop me now, somebody!

Today’s prompt was Fool, or foolish.  I heard an oldish song on a silly Hallmark film today, and I felt in a very sing-song sort of way. So the poem has a rhyming scheme of sorts, but nothing too fancy.

I was going off of feeling foolish for putting my poetry out there for the public (not really because I rarely feel that foolish) so it’s more of just a little fancy-free and silly.

On a side note, beings that it is April Fool’s, I suggest popping over to Bing via Internet Explorer or possibly Chrome. It won’t work on Firefox, but you can have a little puffin giggle.

Here is today’s ‘foolish’ poem.

Foolish Me
The fool was me I do agree
And I’ll leave it all the same
I made a wish and sent it out
To let it seek and gain

But the wish floated high in the sky
Then settled down to dusty dust
It’s gone now  there’s nothing left
But old and reddish rust.

The wish for fame the wish for gain
Has all been said and done
My wish goes on despite the odds
One day I’ll say I’ve won.