Daylight Savings, Feeling Guilty, Rain, and Writing


I started on Saturday feeling this way. And I’ve continued through the day.

I hate Daylight Savings. I’m probably one of the millions of people that say that, but can I underscore it? There isn’t enough coffee in the world to take care of the hour change hangover. I slept in till 11 this morning and just now I thought, oh it’s still 5-ish, when it’s a quarter past 7. Sigh.


Not to mention I have spent the last two days feeling guilty that because of the massive rain and storms that blew in on Saturday morning, I wasn’t able to make it to the writing group, and because I had the key, we had to cancel…… though at 10 am when it would have started, the rain had abated. Sort of. Sigh. I always feel really guilty when I can’t follow through on something I said I would do or make or arrive at.  I really felt so guilty all day yesterday it was tearing me up. Not literally, but I was tweaked.

Then the rain. Oh, the rain is good. We so need it in CA, but it’s cold. And dreary. And depressing. And wet. So wet. So wet in fact that the water filter seems like it won’t even put water through because the humidity is so high. Blah rain. And I had hope to spend some of Saturday writing. Nada. Okay, well I was writing in the middle of the night as the time change happened, but technically it was Sunday. I sort of lost my mojo for the weekend. It probably has to do with the slew of doctor’s appointments this week and paperwork I have to fill out for a new doctor I’m seeing soon. Bleh, I hate filling out forms.

So, I’m blaming Spring Forward as my blah moment. I feel really blah right now.

Now go enjoy the rest of your short evening since it took you all day to get here. And ignore my blah, useless moment of complaining.



8 thoughts on “Daylight Savings, Feeling Guilty, Rain, and Writing

    • Oh yuck! I’m personally not ready for summer, so I bet you war wishing it would go. My cousin lived in Sydney for two years and loved it….

      Ah body clocks. They get all out of whack. But thanks! And stay cool. As much as you can. 🙂

  1. I would totally exchange the weather here in Bali for some cold ‘bleh’ rain. Seriously, it’s way too hot (thanks to the Aussie summer). Also, cold ‘bleh’ rain would probably suit my current mood better! I hope your bleh feeling goes away soon though 🙂

    • Inidna, oh gosh, now I feel super guilty for complaining! I can imagine you would love some ‘bleh’ rain. Come summer, I’ll be wishing for it myself, though I’m sure my summers are nothing like a Bali or Aussie summer. I guess it’s true that you always wish for what you can’t have. But thank you for commenting and giving me some perspective. 🙂 Try and stay as cool as you can.

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