The Dreaded Typing of The Story

So I have started writing weekly in my notebooks when I write with the group of ladies on Saturdays. I love to write in my notebooks. I love the feel of a fountain pen swishing across a page as I scribble madly. They even commented on how rapidly I was writing this last week. (Side note; if you want to sound like you are accomplishing a writing project, use a fountain pen. It sounds way more studious than just a ballpoint or gel pen.)

But normally when I sit down to write, that means pulling out my laptop. I write much more descriptively on my computer than by hand. I write a form  of ‘shorthand’ when I’m writing with a notebook. Not really like the true symbols shorthand, but less descriptive. I know I can always go back when I input the data and fill in with a lot more description. Unless it’s a key point to what I’m describing, I don’t fill in. I will wait till later when I’m typing it up and Boom! there’s a whole extra paragraph or ten of things that were not there.

But recently I have not been wanting to input the stuff in the notebook to my laptop. The typing seems daunting. And the more I put it off, the more I have to type…. It’s going to be a vicious cycle soon if I don’t start typing it up. I never thought I would be the type to not want to type something up. Usually, I love that process because it means the story becomes more. More in depth, more descriptive, more rounded. I feel a story expand and be when it’s on my computer.

Which means this story that everyone is loving in my writing group will really love it when it gets typed up! If I can ever get there.

I wonder if anyone else has that problem. I would assume so since one of the ladies in my group was looking for a typist last year and seems to only write with a legal pad and pencil. And she lays out her hard copy on the floor to line up the story. She keeps the pages in a suitcase. Whoa! I’m not that bad. Yet. But still, it seems not that far off.

I’m not sure how to get over the slump of typing something up, other than I have only been doing this a little while. About a month of Saturdays. Which isn’t much. But I am going to have to get my butt in gear if I want to see what I have written and coalesce my story at some point. Right now, some things are mixed around and my timeline isn’t much.  That is, for the story I’m seriously working on. The Reality of Dreams storyline.

Flash fiction seems so much easier to type up. Maybe because it has a home here. I can type up some flash fiction in a moment and boom, I have a story. An actual novel…. well not so much.

What about you? Do you avoid typing up your story? Or do you enjoy it?



5 thoughts on “The Dreaded Typing of The Story

  1. Honestly, I like both. I feel that the words come much quicker when I’m typing, but then I also spend so much time going back and rewriting. Where as when I’m on paper, I tend to let the ideas flow more freely and don’t worry so much about editing. Once you get over that first hurdle and start typing I bet you’ll feel much better about it. Good luck! x
    P.S. You’ve made me want to buy a fountain pen! Haven’t used one of those since primary school.

    • Sophie, thank you so much for your comments. Honestly, I do like both, but normally I’m all hip to type it up. LIke you said, I’ll probably get started and fly through the pages. Always happens. I make a lot of scribble marks when I’m writing on paper. It’s more freeing. I see the red correction lines on my computer and I want to stop and edit. With paper, if I make a mistake, and I don’t catch it, there isn’t this annoying red line telling me to ‘fix it now!” lol. Oh, fountain pens are so much fun. Check Ebay for some cheap ones to start off with, but has some really good links and info on pens. I’m hooked, even though I’m terrible about cleaning and maintaining the 20+ pens I now have (mostly under 5 bucks, but still fun)

      • Yeah I know exactly what you mean about the red lines! Not helpful when you’re just trying to get the words out of your head as quickly as you can lol.
        Ohh thanks for the link, I’ll have a look! 🙂

  2. I love writing longhand. I write first drafts longhand and then type them up on the computer for editing. I’m too lazy to type. Plus it is easier to jot down the ideas when they’re flooding my mind instead of typing them up. Notebooks are handy, and by the time the computer gets started, I might forget the words. And I do love the scratch of pencil on fresh paper.

    • I’m really getting into writing longhand too, and there is a richness and less cluttered feeling writing that way. I am more apt to leave out unnecessary words when writing longhand. I totally know what you mean about forgetting the words by the time you get to your computer! A typewriter is nice for that, but I’m known for grabbing the nearest piece of paper around to jot something down. There is this panic that I will forget in those few seconds from grabbing the paper to writing it down!

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