My Ambitious January Reading List (and lack of writing motivation)

IMG_8788Hello and Happy New Year! Though according  to Jimmy Kimmel, you can’t say Happy New Year anymore after the premier of The Bachelor.  And since I have started that as well, hmmm……. Happy January?

I have found myself slightly uninspired to write, though it’s not actually that I’m uninspired, but I just can’t seem to get out any ideas. They are there as I try to write a poem with ‘whispers’ as the prompt.  I have yet to come up with anything more than two or three lines. I drift on ideas of winter and snow and cold. See? It’s all there. The ideas are there because I know about all three things that could inspire, but I just don’t have anything good coming from it. I might need to ask my friend to give me another prompt.

But currently, I’m spending more time reading. I spent December reading a couple Emilie Loring’s and fluff books….. Okay Libba Bray‘s The Diviners was far from fluff, and a little enjoyably disturbing.  Anyhow, somehow I got on a non fiction craze and did I pick small books? No. Not even light.  The only fiction book is The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick. That is something I decided to try after seeing several ads for the new Amazon show. I decided to try out the book after seeing that. It looked terribly interesting, and the book is, though I can’t say I really like Mr. Dick’s style of writing. It’s different. And well, he’s a guy. I’m used to how women write. If a woman wrote this book, it would have been three times as thick and full of a lot more descriptions.  But it’s a horrifying look (though so far it’s not horribly gruesome, just mentally disturbing) at what would have happened if Japan and Germany won WWII.  I think it’s rather inventive, but also a little more science fiction-y. I mean, draining the Mediteranean Sea to become farmland? I’d really like to know how in the world even with atomic power, that would have even been possible. And really, a whole holocaust of Africa? So it’s a bit of a stretch, in my opinion, but it’s still interesting.

The Essays of Christopher Hitchens are what started me reading about JFK, but I have to say, the essays are nice because they are short, so I can read one or two before bed. But it is also informative. I’m currently reading one about Evelyn Waugh.

Radical by Maajid Nawaz was because of seeing him on several news broadcasts and pundit shows.  I love listening to him because he sounds just like Sean McGuire from Once Upon A Time. (He’s Robin Hood)  But his book is interesting in this critical time.

Cost of Courage is about people in the French Resistance during WWII. And the rest  of the books pretty much explain themselves except for the one Once Upon a Secret which is about one of the women JFK had an affair with.

I might overdue it, but well, sometimes it’s good to branch out of general fiction. My ‘to read’ pile is huge and I really should start on it and finish things. I have my stupid Christian romance I need to review and get off my mind. I really wish it wasn’t like swallowing nails as I read. (not that I’ve ever swallowed nails) I just want to shoot my foot or something. It’s bad. Really bad.

So, now, off to read more thick books.  What are you reading this January?  Do you have your book lists for the year? I have seen lots of people online and on Facebook posting about there reading lists for the year or just currently reading. I guess it is a January thing. Like New Year’s Resolutions.  Do you have a resolution this year?  I don’t really, other than to be more tidy. Ha! That will be a challenge.

Happy Reading, dearies.



6 thoughts on “My Ambitious January Reading List (and lack of writing motivation)

    • You know, I have never read any of Emilie Loring’s books in order. Probably because there are a couple that are not my favorite, and also, my library does not have all of them. I’m slowly collecting my favorites in hardbacks (with DJ if possible) and paperback for the ones that are not as favorite, but I still want. (I also have favorites in paperback too, just in case I want to go somewhere and not take the pretty hardback with me)

      • My non-favorites are the ghostwritten ones. The benefit of reading them in order is that they are set in their publication years. You travel through history with them. Which are your favorites?

        • I agree about the ghostwritten ones. Ironically, when I first started readign Loring when I was 15 or so, I remember it was the ghostwritten ones I loved best. (this was before I knew they were ghostwritten) I hit my 20’s and the original Lorings were so much better and so much more her style, though there are still a couple ghost written ones I love, I Take This Man and My Dearest Love being two ghostwritten ones.
          As for favorites: 1st and foremost is Here Comes the Sun, then Uncharted Seas, Love Came Laughing By, Today is Yours, A Certain Crossroad, We Ride the Gale, and As Long As I Live. The last has to be right up there with the 1st. But honestly I could really go on much more… 😛 I love that they take place in their publication years. That is why I really love the ones from the late 20s and 30s. I love that time period. I should stop. You have just touched on one of my favorite topics. What Loring books I love!

          • You’re in luck with I Take This Man and My Dearest Love. They were more Emilie’s writing than the ghostwriter’s, novella manuscripts that were embellished to full length. My Dearest Love is one of my favorites, too. ‘Come, let’s get our bibs and blocks…’ and instructions to unmuffle the bells… Here Comes the Sun! is on top for me, too, especially since getting to know Blue Hill, Maine. And Gay Courage, Yes, Uncharted Seas, As Long As I Live–oh heavens, the list grows! Where Beauty Dwells–‘Lady, you are in a spot.’– and on. 🙂

          • Ah, no wonder I love those so much. Oh the unmuffled bells, I love that. And when she’s trying to find the best cucumber….. Oh to know Maine. It has become the one state I desperately want to visit because of Emilie…… The list is long. I forgot to add Hilltops Clear and Fair Tomorrow! And you know the quotes so much better!

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