Double O Vision – Poetry

The friendly poetry challenge continues with this week’s word being “Vision.”  I had started out with ideas of a vision in white… but that turned out sounding too girly, feminine and wintery.  I’m stuck on winter right now. I am writing sonnets on winter, thinking of winter and snow, listening to wintery music. I can’t get winter out of my head. Maybe because it actually feels like winter this year. Snow, ice, rain, snow.  I keepDaniel-Craig-daniel-craig-33189109-498-750 thinking in terms of white, red, grey and black.  I wrote a sonnet for the Chapbook PAD thing and it was about red winter berries and those colors.  I have cold and dark and dreary in my head.

But vision ended up coming out with a man as the inspiration. I had started off with Harvey Specter as my inspiration. I love Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter in USA’s Suits.  He is the epitome of gorgeousness.  But then somehow the poetry shifted and 007 became the focus.  So here’s to Bond. James Bond.


Double O Vision

He is a vision in black, a suit and tie affair
Grace under pressure and he’s as bold as a king
He knows what he does to women so fair
They’re ready to fall and give everything

He’s bold as you please and knows that he’s cool
Stalking the ladies with a vodka martini
He’s double oh seven with a cool gun for a tool
Yes he goes for those broads in a tiny bikini

Cars, plans and sex are his true middle name
Guns, gadgets and girls are his toys for sure
He’s killed and done things to make you blush in shame
But he’s Bond so what of it, you can endure

He’s a vision in black, he knows he’s the best
When your dead on the floor, well, maybe he’ll rest.