An Open Letter Sonnet – Open Letter to Shakespeare – PAD

I couldn’t resist posting this. I just finished my sonnet for PAD’s  Day 29 who’s prompt was basically an open letter. I am doing my sonnets, so what better way to write an open letter sonnet then to the Bard himself.


Open Letter to Shakespeare

Dear Bard, in your small verse you write so odd
From lines that stop then start then go along
And heroes spouting words the crowds applaud
That until tired my eyes do wave so long

But plays to make us laugh and sigh you do
Fair ladies face full with youth’s beauty bright
The story strong the setting lush it’s true
And endings leaving us to know all’s right

But your expanding sonnets make me sigh
And wonder why you wrote so strange and long
When words so simple could be said to lie
And all could know and love such words, your song

Am I to keep to mocking your old plays
But I do love your plays it’s true, these days


I really had fun with that one.  Any opinions on this piece, be it flow, word phrasing, and is it really iambic pentameter, let me know.



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