Procrastination Moderation – Writing 101 Day 7

Ah, procrastination. My friend. I live with procrastination, and the internet is the main culprit to my issues with putting off writing. I am forever getting distracted by social media, ironically because I’m using social media as the platform to this post.  But it is something that is a part of me. I’ll never be able to lose the procrastination bug in me.

This would cause me serious procrastination

But does it kill creativity or is it essential. Personally, I think it is two-fold. It can kill it when you should be writing and you get so distracted you lose what you needed to say. That has been my problem in the past. I have something I need to write about, or look up for writing, and the distraction makes it so that I never get around to writing, so I lose the thought. Or idea.

But then, on the other hand, because I get distracted and put off writing, I can find some really cool things. Or see something out in life because I’m not writing. I think it’s good to have a happy balance to procrastination. If you have something you need to get done, do it. But if you are creating, sometimes not sitting down to write is a really good idea. Maybe going outside for a walk will inspire something that you might not have had had you been sitting at your computer writing away. Or if your creativity medium is something different, the same rule applies.

Basically, take everything in moderation. Even procrastination.



My Writing Space – Writing 101 Day 6

Where do I write.  It all depends on time of day, amount of distraction, amount of quiet, and whether or not I’m cold. I don’t actually have a place that’s specifically mine for writing, nor would I use it all the time if I had it.  Unless it was in my own personal office with all my books, and music, and couch setting. Like this

My ultimate writing room...

My ultimate writing room…

If I had that, I would never leave. I might even sleep in there. But right now I’m writing at the kitchen table while the news is on in the living room. Not ideal, but not as bad as being in the living room where I can’t focus at all. But right now the upstairs, where my room is, is too cold and uncomfortable because I haven’t been so good at keeping my desk clutter free to write.  And I have to write at home. I’ve tried to write at coffee shops and when I’m at the library, but I get so distracted by other things to look at or listen to, I never accomplish anything.

Sometimes I write with pen and paper, or notebook. My poetry has it’s own book and I like to write that with pencil. It’s easier to erase mistakes that way. When I write rapidly for novels and blogging, I don’t care how neat it is so I scratch out things and just keep going.

I like to write sitting against the wall in the kitchen where the heater sends up its warmth. I like writing in bed, usually late at night and half the time I get distracted. It all depends. I have to find time to write, though right now because of the time change, I can actually get writing done in the evening. A lot of writing. I have done so much writing in the past week and a half that it’s amazing I have not burned out.

I think if I had my own writing room, I’d have a hard time staying there because I like to see what people are doing. That is, unless I have a deadline I need to get something finished. If that’s the case, then I want quiet. I can’t even have music on. I tried music last night, and because it was Georgian chants and stuff that is similar, I was okay, but most of the time I can’t listen to music while I type. I need silence. I can’t have distractions. It can be aggrivating because I love music, but I listen to the lyrics and sometimes I just can’t find the write mix that won’t annoy me after a while.

So, part of this post is to direct you, dear reader, to my contact page. Because not everyone knows where it is.  If you look on any of my pages, in the right-hand column right under my sign up for the blog spot, there is my email address where you can reach me.  And then if you go to my About page, I have a contact form. You can reach me. And I do love to get any suggestions on what you would like to see. I can’t always go with the idea, but the ideas are helpful. So please, drop me a note. If you have tried to contact me in the past and I have not responded, it’s because I decided to have a different email address, then always forgot to check it. Bad idea. Really bad. So I apologize.

So let me know what you are interested in seeing more of.  Be it poetry, flash fiction, random unimportant posts…. Heck, even a theme.