Ladies In The Kitchen – Day No. 21

Only ten more days until this challenge of Write 31 Days is over. Ladies In The Kitchen – Day No. 21Wait. What?!  How has the month flown?  That being said, I’m feeling like I’m running out of topics even though I still have several more days to do. I had a couple posts I decided didn’t fit my month, so now I’m having to scramble for some extra ideas.  Whoops.

So today, women cooks. Women in the kitchen. Ina, Giada, Joy and more.  I love my lady cooks. I love watching cooking shows when I have the time. My all time favorite is Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. This woman is amazing. I can’t stress that enough. I have watched her off and on for the past ten plus years…. lord, it’s been that long?  She makes the most amazing food, and her recipes work! That right there is crucial. You have to have a recipe that works and you get done and it looks like hers. I am famous for making her marshmallows at Christmastime, and they always turn out. Always. And don’t get me started on her Brioche bread. It’s so amazingly good.  I want to make all of her food in her Barefoot in Paris book.  My sister and I were so disappointed when she moved and her new kitchen was very different. Turns out, she didn’t move. She built a barn next to her house for the taping of the show. Whew! I’m so relieved because I loved her house.  Everything about this woman is so cool. If I could, I’d spend the day cooking with her, meeting her marvelous husband, and getting to know her friend who does the flowers. I could go on. But if you ever get the chance to read her cookbooks or watch her show, do it. She is the best.

Giada De Laurentiis.  Okay, it’s very easy to make fun of Giada. She is a little over the top with her Italian pronunciations, and cleavage….. But I really do like Giada. She makes really cool Italian food and her cookbooks are so simple. I can’t say as I’ve ever tried anything of hers out, but I do have three of her books. I kind of just love reading them.  So much fun.  I love simple food; I love Italian food…. it’s a perfect fit. And I love her kitchen.  She has a killer kitchen. Actually, all of her kitchens have been pretty great.


Joy Wilson

Joy Wilson

Joy the Baker. I don’t know how I found Joy Wilson, but I started following her blog a while ago and while I have yet to make anything of hers, I love her blog, I love her podcast, and I hope to get her sweets cookbook soon.  She does amazingly delicious recipes, and her pictures are to die for.  Living in New Orleans, she mixes flavors and styles and gets some of that southern cooking in there with a modern flair. I highly recommend you check her out if not just to drool over her pictures.

And lastly, when I can find cooking channels on Youtube, well I’m happy. I have fun doing that as well. My newest fun gal is RachhLoves.  Below is her chocolate chip cookie recipe. I already have a great recipe myself, but I love watching her. She kind of reminds me of Lizzie from The Lizzie Diaries.  She’s got some moxie and spunk.  Check her out.

There are a lot of other cooks out there, but these are my favorites. My sister has gone through the years of loving Rachel Ray and The Pioneer Woman, but I rarely can watch either.  The Pioneer Woman I will tolerate, but she really drives me nuts with her cooking. I like real and classic.

So, who is your favorite woman cook?  Oh, and if I could have watched Julia Child when she was younger, I probably would have. I remember religiously watching her when she was much older and cooking with chefs like Jacques Pepin.

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