Run Away, Run Away – Day No. 16

Woman-running-awaySo yesterday I talked about fierce girls and all that toughness. Today is the counterpart to that post. Today is reality. Today is about what most females do, and probably should do in circumstances. To use Rose Hathaway as an example :  Dimitri Belikov, “If you see a Strigoi, I recommend running.”

I absolutely love that line in the film, and it’s used somewhere within the first book of Vampire Academy.  One of the reasons I love the line, besides the gorgeous Russian and his accent…, is because, women should run away from trouble. You don’t stick around. You don’t ‘do battle’ with the bad guys. You get out of there. You let the bigger, stronger, more physically inclined men to do fighting. Always through history, women run away.

And it’s okay. It’s okay to not stay and fight. In fact, I think women should run away. While I’m all for a woman defending herself… Heck, I carry protection when I run…. I don’t think they should purposely go hunting for trouble.  I don’t think women should be in combat mode in the military. Sidelines, fine. Front lines? Heck no.

This subject came up because of the shooting in Roseburg, Oregon. I can’t quite remember the discussion my father and I were having, and I will admit that sometimes my father is very male/female gender roles so I don’t always agree, but basically it was, in a situation where there is an active shooter, girl, run away. Get away. Don’t try to take down said shooter. Don’t be the hero. That is what men are for. No offense men, but you really are the leaders and the protectors. They are the head dudes in charge. So being that they have that role, they protect.

This is where I have my issue with girls that are fierce, like what I wrote about yesterday. Rarely are girls girly and still kick butt kind of girls. They don’t exist. There are very few feminine girls that are rough and tough.  If a girl is a tomboy, rarely is she going to want to wear a dress or flounce it up. It’s just the way it is. Now I’m sure I will have a bunch of people that read this and disagree. That’s fine. This is my opinion.

I have not met many girls that are going to charge into action if there is a Situation. And if they are going to charge into something like that, they are not going to be the gals with gorgeous nails and hair.  Girls with their nails and hair done just so, know their limitations. I know my limitations.

I panic when things happen. I do not think straight. I know my limitations. I know I will not be able to charge into a situation and think clearly.  Now, I do try to have my head straight, and not panic, but even so, I know I won’t look at all the angles and have what it takes to make a clear, concise decision.

And it’s okay. It is totally okay to not be the girl that protects and needs protecting instead. That’s the way we were wired.

And I’m okay with that.

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