Girls Who Are Fierce – Day No. 15

Hello dearies.  We are halfway through this Write 31 Days challenge and seriously, it is a challenge. Partly because I added in the Blogging U course of Poetry 201 from The Daily Post. So along with my topics for the month I am also writing ballads, odes, haikus and more. Gasping for air here.  But it’s okay. This is good for me. Sadly I don’t have time to read all the other wonderful posts the other members of Write 31 Days are doing. That is my November thing. To read some great posts.

Today, I have a post on girls who are fierce and not your typical DID (damsel in distress)

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So, did you enter? If not, go ahead, I’ll wait……..

Back now? Okay. Let’s get started.

static.squarespace.comA current trend in books, movies, and tv are girls who are far from the damsel in distress. They are fierce, strong, kick butt girls who take no prisoners.  Okay, well most won’t kill unless they have to, but that all depends on the story.  These are girls who don’t need a man and are perfectly happy just being friends with a guy.  And a huge part of me loves that. I love guys, and want to be friends with all kinds of guys. Why they get stuck in the relationship thing blows my mind….  The girl in one of my favorite Emilie Loring books says that. The book is Here Comes the Sun… doo do doo do….

My current favorite gal like this is Rose Hathaway from The Vampire Academy books. I love that she is really fierce and can take on all these bad guys, even her boyfriend turned bad guy… She is a tough, smart ass girl.  Granted, she reads like she’s 25 even though she’s just 18, but I love her. I love that Zoey Deutch played her in the films. I could go on and on about her.

Tris-Prior-fanvergents-37772516-736-1091I love Tris Prior in the Divergent books. Now this girl is pretty darn cool. She may have a few issues, but who doesn’t?  She goes from being meek and mild to really taking charge.  I love how Shailene Woodley portrays her in the films.  She is so cool.

alexis-black-mesh-inset-dressAlexis Castle has really come into her own on ABC’s Castle. I love that she has taken over her dad’s Private Eye business without his knowing. I seriously think ABC needs to give her her own Private Detective show. She’s always held her own on the show, and she is so cool. Going from smart kid, to wanting to be in the medical field, to now being able to close cases in the PI world.  She’s pretty, and she’s not above using her feminine charms.  One thing that makes a woman strong is being able to use her God given gorgeousness charms. I do wish that more fierce girl characters had that quality. It isn’t wrong to smile at a guy and get what you want.  It is for their own good anyhow, isn’t it? *smirk*

Other gals that make the grade are Katniss Everdeen. I won’t go into as much detail about her because while I like her, she has some serious issues in my opinion.  But I liked how Jennifer Lawrence portrayed her and I think she’s done a pretty good job.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has probably been one of the biggest kick butt girls. One of the first ones I was introduced to and she was always and probably is still one of my favorites even if I didn’t stick with the show.  Sarah Michelle Geller always was so cool in my opinion.

Then there were the three Halliwell sisters.  I loved, loved, loved Charmed. I love that you had these three sisters, four later on, that could love, but still take on the bad guy. They didn’t need a guy to take care of things, but they did think they were nice to have around. Those girls were always so much fun to watch and I have always loved Alyssa Milano because of this show. She was and still is so cool.

tumblr_nfyj9nHFIj1shn04do1_500I really like girls that are tough and can solve the problem. I really do.  I think that they make it exciting and while damsels in distress are a classic fairy tale, at the same time it reminds me of this marvelous quote I probably found on Tumblr.  I like it for myself because I kind of am looking for my own Prince Charming.  He might be stuck up in that tree, poor idiot. I might need to rescue him.

Now let me find My sword…..

I’d love to know what heroines that you like. Fierce strong ones.  Tell me.  I’m sure you all have some favorites.  And if they are the same as mine, well right on, girl, right on.  (or guys. 🙂 )